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Just as fandom becomes extremely important to me again after turmoil in RL, I get notices that BOTH my Livejournal paid account and Livejournal extra icon packages are expiring, the icons in three days (!) and the paid account in a few weeks. Sadly, without a paid account, extra userpics would go to waste.

I have been quiet so far this month but if I can get a handle on things, I might be able to post more fic next month. After all, it will be Halloween!

If any two fannish devotees could help out, I would be most appreciative! Thank you.

***Please note that while this entry appears on both DW and LJ, the expirations of both account and package are on LJ.


Sep. 13th, 2017 07:33 pm
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Last week was the Week From Hell, and this week is no better. The changes going on in my life are making me cling to Fandom once again as my life preserver. Thank the stars it's my favorite time of year. Maybe that'll cheer me up. :(
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Hi, luvs!

A few football notes for you, but first, wow, what a great summer! It's about 62 degrees today, and everything's still green. Rain again today courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, but nothing too heavy. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. We have had cool weather for weeks now. *happy sigh* Kind of a Pacific Northwest summer! :)

Football notes: if you're interested in behind-the-scenes stuff, there's a special on NBC tonight at 7:00 P.M. EDT that features the Patriots, a lot of why the coaches decided what they did, and other inside stuff. Those in the media who have seen it already say it's excellent.

Even if you're not a football fan but you like fireworks and hoopla, consider watching the beginning of the football game Sunday night for the raising of the championship banner in Foxboro. Should be fun! :)

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, my fellow Americans! :)
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Yesterday was my annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Saints Bill and Tom, who are fresh off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. :) Fitting, as the weather was very autumnal, with the day being cool, breezy and cloudy, a huge improvement over last year's humid 100 degrees.

15,000 of us made the trek to Gillette Stadium. That meant I didn't get near the bleachers (third year in a row) and had to climb up the hill, but got a great viewing spot under a shady tree and used my binoculars for close-ups of the field.

Yep, saw Tom, who doesn't look like a guy who's gonna hit 40 in a week! :) He was sharp in drills, too, and Gronk spiked a ball after a touchdown. :) Newcomer Brandin Cooks looks very good in the offense, so it appears he isn't lost in this complex scheme. Coach Belichick was there spinning his whistle, barking out commands, and reveling in being at the top of his game.

Both back-up QBs looked pretty good, though Jimmy G. ended up with two INTs and had to run a lap with the center after a botched hand-off. Jacoby Brissett has healed from his thumb surgery and was less accurate, but not by much. He has a lot of promise.

It was a very festive atmosphere with a lot of Brady jerseys (and Gronk and Edelman and so on), and they added a few new vendor stations this year. Unfortunately, they also added security check with bag inspection. Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to check fans' bags just to enter training camp. *shakes head*

I brought some slices of bread and my own water, not wanting to pay the jacked-up prices, and it worked out fine. I do wish I could get a bleacher seat like the old days, but I refuse to come hours early before the gates open. I have a long enough drive as it is early in the morning to get here, so I'll make do with the hill.

All in all, very excited about football season! It officially kicks off in September, but training camp is an unofficial opening. The Pats will hold joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, and I bet the Jags don't see 15,000 people at their training camp! :) They are also holding joint practices with the Houston Texans at their camp and the Detroit Lions back here at Gillette.

The Texans and Dallas Cowboys clear out of Texas in the summer. Smart move! They hold their camps out-of-state to escape the godawful Texas heat.

So, yay, football is back! :)
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Hi, luvs!

I just realized that it's close to my 10th anniversary here on LJ. I created this journal on October 24, 2006, made my first post on November 12th, and my first fic posting on November 21st (Announcement I: The Ready Room), introducing myself to the DC Comics community here on-line. Little did I know the friends I would make and the prolific writing in my future! Good times, good times. :)

I don't know if I'll come up with something for the anniversary, but I wanted to acknowledge it to all my friends here on my f-list, and who have stuck around when a lot of people took off for shinier baubles platforms. A big THANK YOU to all the people who have encouraged me during low points, celebrated with me in good times, and helped me with gifting me with paid accounts and extra icon userpics, which has really made life here more fun. :)

I've had a great time reading, writing, and hosting my Challenges over the years, too. The 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is my next-to-last Challenge, as I'm seriously considering doing something special for Wonder Woman next year to commemorate her first ever live-action movie. That will be my grand final Challenge and how better to do it than with one of my all-time favorite characters? :) I'm pretty proud of the many Challenges I've hosted (Complete List here) and another big THANK YOU to all who contributed during these past ten years.

It's been a rainy morning with plenty of fog, but we need the rain after a summer of drought. The leaves are turning bright colors and my sister and I are going to the orchard tomorrow to get fresh apples (can't get any fresher!). Life is good. Enjoy your weekend, my friends! :)
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How typical is this? I'm just about to write the final paragraph of the story I'm planning to submit to my 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, and I decide I've got a better angle and now I have to do a major re-write! Fortunately, it's not a super-long story, but it will delay my posting. I know, you're all waiting with bated breath, right? ;) Better that I came up with the new idea now instead of after posting, eh?

Most of my writing efforts this month will revolve around my [ profile] marvel_bang story, mostly prep for AO3 posting and figuring out how many chapters I can fit into one entry on LJ. I also have to write out my master post for the announcement on [ profile] marvel_bang, but I'm probably going to use the summary I've already used, anyway.

Otherwise I have three Halloween ideas I'm juggling, the one mentioned above, another DC Comics idea, and a Marvel Comics idea. My other DC plot bunny may end up using my Late Entries Policy grace period, as I'm still kind of letting the idea simmer in my cauldron for now. I've already started work on the Marvel idea.

Funny how I'm getting all these seasonal ideas when we're supposed to get a heat wave this week. Thankfully cold weather will be back by next weekend!

Hope your Halloween Muses are spooking you, too! ;)


Oct. 3rd, 2016 10:56 am
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Hi, luvs!

I'm only going by the promos, as obviously the show debuts tonight, but if you're a fan of time travel, you may want to give Timeless a look. It's on NBC tonight at 10:00 and hopefully will be a good show. :)

Fall is finally here! After an early September heat wave, we're in cooler weather now. The trees are starting to turn, and I've got my baby pumpkin and gourds decorating my place. The colors are all red, yellow, and orange with some black thrown in for Halloween! :) My sister and I will be going to the orchard in a few weeks and I might take a trip soon to Trader Joe's for some mini pumpkin pies and cookies. :)

Football is in full swing, and the real season begins for us Pats fans with the return of Tom Brady from his unjust suspension. Watch out, NFL! Could be scorched earth if we're lucky!

Have a good day and enjoy the best season of all! :)
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Hi, luvs!

As you can see by the icon on this post, I am busy utilizing my userpic packages and gathering more cool pix to showcase. I can't resist Clark using his heat vision to cook the hot dogs and burgers on the grill. :)

Speaking of cook-outs, I did attend one over the weekend with the requisite menu: hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, garden salad, chips, dips, pickles, know, good stuff! :) Everything tastes better on the grill!

P.S. To get the full effect, check this post out on my journal with its cook-out theme! :)

Writing talk behind the cut )
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Hello, luvs!


It's the best time of year! The trees are in full color, the harvest is bountiful, and the darkness falls quicker every evening. Whispers of mystery sigh through the trees, and Jack O'Lanterns glow in the windows. The sweet smell of woodsmoke pierces the air as the days grow colder.

Time for the 2015 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, too. If you have an idea but can't quite make it by Halloween for posting, don't worry. My Late Entries Policy takes care of that. Besides, Halloween can be celebrated any time of year. :)

Enjoy this special week, my friends! :)
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Hi, luvs!

Fall is in full swing here. The trees are starting to turn colors and the weather, while a little too warm for my taste, is semi-autumnal. I’ll be going to the orchard one of these weekends soon (getting some fresh apples and an apple pie), and the apartment is decorated with red, yellow, and orange, complete with ceramic and real pumpkins. :) I even have my flying Witch on the front door!

A reminder that the 2015 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is running. If you have a Marvel Comics idea that you can crossover with DC, remember that crossovers are welcome, and is not limited to Marvel.

I bought some apple/pomegranate lotion the other day. It smells divine!

I usually don’t buy doughnuts or muffins, but during October it’s a weekly run to Dunkin’ Donuts to get both in pumpkin flavors! Dontcha just LOVE pumpkin flavor?

I received my Trader Joe’s Frequent Flyer in the mail a few days ago. It’s the October (Pumpkin) edition. Sweet!

Patriots/Cowboys this Sunday! Whoo hoo!

I’m going to a Halloween party next Wednesday. I’m going as a Patriots fan with my Tom Brady jersey, my Patriots cap, and anything else I can scare up that’s Pats-themed. :)
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Can you hear the whispers of ghosts in the trees as they bend and sigh? Can you see the Jack O’Lanterns glitter and leer as their light dances in the windows and on the porches? Can you hear the shuffling of feet as they make their way through the fallen leaves?

Then it’s time for BradyGirl_12's 2015 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, my friends! :)

This is BIG, folks! ;)

So harvest the candy corn and string up the pumpkin lights and join us for spooky fun! :)

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges A03 Collection

Subcollection (2015)

Opens the Book of Shadows )
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Hi, luvs!

Yay, another entry for my 2014 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge! And it's ADORABLE! It's artwork by the amazing [ profile] astraea_f of the Bat-Family ready for trick-or-treating! It's sure to make you smile. :)

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges A03 Collection

Subcollection (2014)

The Master List is here.

Title: [Batman&Robins Halloween fanart]
Artist: [ profile] astraea_f
Rating: G
Characters: Batman, Nightwing, Redhood, Redrobin, Robin, Titus, Batcow, Kitty-Arfred
Continuity: Comicsverse(New 52)
Prompts: Ghosts,Bats, Black cat and they are going to Trick-or-treating!

I added header for DCU Halloween Challenge by [ profile] bradygirl_12 :)
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Hi, luvs!

Time for an update to my 2014 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge!!! :) Since the entries would be very long (there are four of them to review), I'll give you a quick summary and you can click on the link to the Master List for the full story headers. :)

Also, if you wish to submit an entry, there is a grace period that will give you plenty of time to be 'official'. :)

The first entries were mine. :) They range from a romantic Bruce/Dick tale of love spells creating magic, and then a tale of horror told from Alfred's POV as madness descends.

[ profile] navaan has written a delightful Bat-Family story about Damian going trick-or-treating, and a sweet story with touches of sadness about Zatanna mourning her father on Halloween. Please enjoy! :)

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges A03 Collection

Subcollection (2014)

The Master List is here.
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Happy Halloween, luvs! Have a spooktastic day and even spookier night! ;)
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Title: Moldering (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Alfred, Bruce
Genres: Angst, AU, Drama, Holiday, Horror
Rating: R
Warnings: Major Character Death
Spoilers: None
Summary: Alfred bemoans what has befallen the Bat-Family.
Date Of Completion: September 8, 2014
Date Of Posting: October 29, 2014
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1910
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2014 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. Prompts: Pumpkins/Jack O’Lanterns, Bats, Houses Decorated For Halloween, Cemeteries/Graveyards, Fall Foliage/Trees, Pumpkin Lights, Chocolate/Candy, Trick-Or-Treating.

I felt a chill skitter down my spine. Even the bats' rustlings sounded uneasy. )
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It's the BEST week of the year! ;)

I entered my pumpkin into the contest here at the building. I doubt it'll win. It's very simple compared to some of the elaborate entries, but it was fun to enter. I drew a Mr. Spock face on one said and lettered LIVE LONG AND PROSPER on the other side. ;)

Reminder to everyone: if you have something Halloween-themed, consider my 2014 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge! It'll probably be the last year for it, as there is only one entry (my own). I guess my little Challenges just aren't inspiring anyone anymore, or all the Halloween-lovers left LJ. :(

Enjoy a spooktastic week, everyone! ;)
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Whoops, forgot I was doing this meme, LOL! Anyway, here are the happies for the day:

1) Color is everywhere! We're at peak color here and the trees and bushes are fantastic.

2) I bought a pumpkin to use in the building's pumpkin decorating contest. I might go with a Mr. Spock theme, not sure yet. :)

3) I got directions on where to vote. It'll be my first time at this polling place and the website's directions were awful. I asked the building manager and he was able to give me excellent directions. I like competent people!
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Hey, luvs! Remember, the 2014 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is running! Time to stir those cauldrons and cast those spells! ;)

I'm the first entrant (hopefully not the only one) so enjoy a Bruce/Dick tale of love and magic! :)

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges A03 Collection

Subcollection (2013)

Master List )


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