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To celebrate the opening of the Wonder Woman movie, here are some classic stories:

Jewels In The Crown II: Heritage deals with Diana’s restlessness on Paradise Island and her mother’s wise counsel about her heritage.

Eve Of Battle: the Trinity before the battle is met.

By-The-Sea III: Angel, Baby follows Diana and Steve during a retro weekend of fun. :)
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It’s been five years since the debut of The Avengers, my favorite Marvel movie, and so let’s celebrate that special band of heroes with Keeping Vigil, a story in which Thor takes care of his mortal teammates, and Tales-By-The-Sea, a series of seaside stories that are full of sun, sea and sand. :)
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The Old Married Couple Moments series is one of my favorites for Roy and Johnny of Emergency! fandom. :)
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2016 was a bizarre year, and will probably slide into absolute Bizarro World in 2017, so let’s have some fun with fic! :) I usually start with Clex, and here’s Conqueror, a tale in which the statues of Alexander and Hephaistion come to life in Lex’s garden. Just another day in Smallville! :)
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Clexmas Stocking Stuffer #1: Chapeau Santa is an amusing little Clexian tale written for the 2015 [ profile] clexmas Winter Holiday Gift Exchange. The Bells Of Not-So-Saintly-Clex delivers some spicy naughtiness for the holidays, also for the Exchange. ;)
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Steve/Bucky, Thanksgiving, and an unusual place in which to spend it in: No Matter Where.
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An amusing Halloween tale starring Clark/Bruce is the offering for October: My Pumpkin ;)
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By-The-Sea XVI: Seaside Idyll is a sweet, delicious Steve/Diana tale written for the 2015 [ profile] dcu_bang.
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A sample of Alan/Ian stories from the Jurassic Park I fandom: Maybe and Godzilla At The Drive-In!!!
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Like A Sky In Winter: Steve grieves over Bucky while Natasha gives him silent support.
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The Raven And The Nightingale Book II: The Gold Coast continues the Bruce/Dick series set in the Edwardian era.
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A look at the Bat-Family from Jason’s POV in Bats In The Belfry with a dash of Bruce/Dick.
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Sweet romance with the Clex: Hot Cocoa.
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Time to look back and ahead as the New Year begins! And as always, the Clex seems to start us off. :)

Champagne And Apple Cider II: Midnight Supper mixes romance with the realities of life for a couple where one half is on call to save the world and Rainbows At Dusk, a dramatic tale of search-and-rescue in Smallville.
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The holidays are always a grand time! There is plenty of joy in:

Golden Eagle IV: Gingerbread Reindeer, Snowmen And Peppermint Sticks is a bittersweet Steve/Diana story set during World War II.

The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos VIII: "The Czarina Of All The Russias!!!" ;) is a glittery, heartfelt Natasha/Pepper holiday tale.

Christmas Morning is a sweet tale of the Wayne-Kent family on one of the best days of the year.
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Thanksgiving is this month’s holiday, and Clark and Dick know how to celebrate it at the Kent Farm with Jonathan and Martha: Turkey Sandwich With Mayo.

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