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Hi, luvs! What a GREAT birthday I had! Thanks SO MUCH for all the wonderful greetings and goodies! *dances* :)

It was a nice, quiet day. I’d already had My Special Day, courtesy of my sister, so quiet suited me just fine. :)

I received:

Wonderful Birthday Greetings from:

[ profile] starsandsea, [ profile] gilda_elise, [ profile] northernwalker, [ profile] paxwolf, [ profile] phoenixnz (A Yummy Birthday Cake!), [ profile] mithen, [ profile] ctbn60, [ profile] me_ya_ri, [ profile] roxymissrose (Minions!), and [ profile] ilovetobefree

Fantabulous Fic from:

A Field Of Poppies by [ profile] mithen

Yellow Locks by [ profile] starsandsea
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My sister BunnyGirl won't be in town for my birthday this Tuesday, so she treated me early to my present. Besides, this wasn't a thing meant to be stuffed in after work.

My Day )
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THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who gifted me with all my extra userpics!!! *dances*

Thanks to all of you who listened to my moping and moaning about losing them. I know it's a small thing, and some might think it's stoopid, but we all have our quirks and this is one of mine. *hugs icons tight* I was pretty bummed with the loss of so many icons, particularly a bunch of Steve/Diana and Bruce/Dick lovelies, but so many more!

I TOTALLY appreciate this! What a great thing to cheer up a bleh Monday, though I admit a snowstorm the day after the first day of spring is pretty funny and very typical of New England! :)

I might even be inspired to do a little more fanficcing! :)

My f-list is THE BEST!!!
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Hi, luvs! What a GREAT birthday I had! Thanks SO MUCH for all the wonderful greetings and goodies! *dances* :)

I received:

Wonderful Birthday Greetings from:

[ profile] starsandsea, [ profile] navaan, [ profile] ilovetobefree (Spray of Roses!), [ profile] eternal_moonie, [ profile] bard2003 (Trinity Birthday Greetings!), [ profile] paxwolf, [ profile] phoenixnz (Beautiful Birthday Cake!), [ profile] ctbn60, [ profile] me_ya_ri, [ profile] jen_rock, [ profile] silsbee329, [ profile] khylara, and [ profile] northernwalker

Beautiful Virtual Gifts from:

[ profile] gilda_elise (Champagne and Roses!)

Fantabulous fic from:

Heroes Of The Squared Circle Side Story: Meet And Greet (Clark, Bruce, and Dick) by [ profile] mithen

Autumn Walk (Steve/Diana) by [ profile] starsandsea
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I found a notification in my inbox this morning that the wonderful [ profile] crooked_halo has extended my extra userpic packages in addition to generous Anon! *dances* Wow, what a great thing to wake up to this morning! THANK YOU, m'dear! MUCH appreciated! :)

Still stressed this week but I hope that a major worry gets resolved in my favor. *hope, hope, hope* Maybe my creative juices will start to flow again once some stress is gone.

I am working on a long WIP at the moment, and still no idea about any Big Bangs this year. I'm hoping that Avengers 2: The Age Of Ultron helps inspire me in a few months. I'm not sure if the Superman vs. Batman movie will do the same, but that might be next year, anyway? Whatever the case, I think Marvel has the better chance of jump-starting my creative battery cables. ;)

I did have another WIP that was going along pretty well until it fell by the wayside. Hopefully I can pick that up in 2015. We shall see.

Again, BIG THANKS!!! I have the best f-list in the world! :)
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THANK YOU to the wonderful Anon who paid for my extra userpics! *happy dance* :) It was a great thing to see in my inbox this morning.

Thank you to both Anons (or the same one?) for extending my LJ paid account and these userpics. Your kindness and generosity is VERY much appreciated. :)

I have been under TREMENDOUS STRESS the past few weeks and these acts of kindness help me a lot. A lot of people have left LJ, but it appears my f-list is still golden. :)
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THANK YOU to my anonymous donor who extended my LJ paid account. That was really fantastic of you, Anon! *dances* This will help if someone picks up my extra userpics extension, because a paid account can handle the extra icons (the icon on this post will be one of the disappearing set, poor birdie). We shall see what the Ides of March (15th) brings! :)

Real life still sucks but here is my happy place, made happier today by a generous soul. :)
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Very sad news today. On the cusp of Star Trek's 50th anniversary, we lost Leonard Nimoy. :(

He had a full, rich life. Born in Boston's West End to Ukrainian Jewish parents, he was raised in a tenement and roamed the streets of Boylston and the Fens, selling newspapers as a boy. He saw the Red Sox play at Fenway Park and learned to row on the Charles River. He was a man of whom nothing negative was said of his character, and William Shatner called him the brother he never had.

I fell in love with Star Trek as a child and my love for the show has been with me all my life. It fueled dreams in me, and it brought me to modern fandom. My first slash love was Kirk/Spock, easy because of the depth of warmth and affection between the characters that we saw on a weekly basis. It was my 'gateway' fandom, as it was for so many. Through fandom I found my true outlet for creativity and made so many friends! I have been very happy in fandom all these years.

Star Trek and Mr. Spock is part of the cultural language and an actor could do a lot worse than be known for a character with such impact on so many people's lives. When you inspire people to become scientists and astronauts, you're doing pretty well. I can see The Big Bang Theory, which he guest-starred on, to come up something soon. :)

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy. You lived long and prospered.
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Hi, luvs! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all! :)

Today, of course you should send love to the people you care about, but give yourself a little love, too. We all are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Take a look at a story you wrote and say to yourself, "You know, that isn't half-bad." Same for art or anything else creative that you do.

I'm giving myself the gift of luxury of time today. No chores, just fun. I plan on attending a little Valentine get-together later and tomorrow is when I change decorations for St. Patrick's Day and spring. Decorations as in decorative figurines, stuff to hang on the walls, etc.

My mother was big on holidays and we always celebrated each one. She did extra for Halloween and Christmas (and even had a couple of ceramic turkeys for Thanksgiving!) but even smaller holidays like Valentine's Day saw ceramic angels with hand-painted hearts on their clothes and pretty stuff like a heart-shaped music box get center stage.

My dad was a smart man. He was always prepared every Valentine's Day with a big box of chocolates, red roses, and a nice card. He got little boxes of chocolates for my sister and me, too. :)

So have a great day! We are preparing for another blizzard here starting tonight. Situation normal. ;)
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A Merry Yule to all! :)

The Winter Solstice is upon us! When I woke up around 7:15 this morning, it looked like the middle of the night! ;) Cloudy and a bit rainy here, and snow showers predicted for later.

We won't be having a white Christmas this year. :( It'll be heavy rains and winds on Christmas Eve, clearing by morning. The only good thing about no snow is less worry about clearing it and driving, but the weather may still affect people's plans.

As for today, perfect day for getting all snug under my quilt and having hot pizza! :) Last weekend my sister and her husband came over to watch the game, but I'm going solo today while I watch Tom and the boys compete against the Jets.

Enjoy your day, my friends! :)
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THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who gifted me with a paid account for the next year. Now I can keep my comms and personal journal backed up and play a little. ;) You guys are SO GOOD to me!

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Hi, luvs! What a GREAT birthday I had! Thanks SO MUCH for all the wonderful greetings and goodies! *dances* :)

I received:

Wonderful Birthday Greetings from:

[ profile] josephina_x, [ profile] ctbn60, [ profile] navaan, [ profile] eternal_moonie, [ profile] saavikam77, [ profile] lauramcewan, [ profile] khylara, [ profile] jen_rock, [ profile] digitalwave, [ profile] carolandtom, [ profile] bard2003, [ profile] me_ya_ri, [ profile] starsandsea [ profile] crooked_halo, [ profile] gilda_elise, [ profile] paxwolf, [ profile] navaan and [ profile] catalenamara

A Lovely Seaside Picture from [ profile] phoenixnz

A Sparkly Birthday Cake from [ profile] ilovetobefree

Batman Birthday Wishes by [ profile] bard2003

Beautiful V-Gifts from:

[ profile] hpstrangelove (Bundles Of Gifts!) and [ profile] gilda_elise (Bundles Of Gifts!) Yay!

Fantabulous Fic from:

Fairy Tales (Steve/Diana) by [ profile] starsandsea

Heroes Of The Squared Circle Side Ficlet: The Unseen Treasure (Bruce & Dick) by [ profile] mithen
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A big THANK YOU to [ profile] msp_hacker for the generous gift of my extra userpics! Ha, ha, now you won't have to hear me beg ask for another six months! ;) But it came at just the right time. Yesterday was a bit of a downer and the notification in my inbox this morning was just what I needed! Fandom is wonderful, so full of good and generous people! *dances*
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Hi, luvs!

Looks like I have posting access today, so a quick Happy Valentine's Day to you all! My thoughts on the holiday are here, if you're interested. Love is love! :)

Who are the most romantic couples in your fandoms? I'd pick Steve/Diana because they are romance itself. They both fell in love with each other at first sight. Yep, it's canon! :)

Clark/Bruce because Clark is just a romantic sap, and despite himself Bruce is drawn to that. :)

Bruce/Dick because Dick has a very similar personality to Clark and can drawn Bruce in. A heart-shaped box of chocolates and a few dozen roses with a sparkling smile wouldn't hurt, eh? ;)

Clark/Dick? Hell, yeah! ;)

Could Steve/Tony from Marvel be romantic saps? Sure! Steve would love doing the old-fashioned bit. And I think Natasha/Pepper and Clint/Coulson could enjoy a good Valentine's Day. Both Pepper and Phil would plan the heck out of the holiday! :) Steve/Thor because of the grand sweep of their powers and personalities. Saps! ;)
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Hello, luvs!

Since my posting access is iffy at best, I decided to post this a little early. Besides, I consider this Love Week with Love Weekend tacked on at the end. ;)

A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine. They say it’s too commercial. That’s true. But what modern holiday isn’t? Halloween? Christmas? Even St. Patrick’s Day is commercial now! And it’s always been that way. Whether for religious or cultural reasons, merchants always made a buck off the festivals and holidays as they hawked doves and religious trinkets outside the temples. Corporations will always co-opt.

I like Valentine’s Day because it reminds people to say, “I love you.”

Ah, you say. Shouldn’t that be said the other 364 days a year? Of course. But in chaotic, rushed, modern life, don’t people need a nudge now and again? I feel fortunate to have told my parents that I loved them often before they passed away, but sometimes you take your loved ones for granted. You do everyday things out of love, but isn’t it nice to make a special gesture once in awhile? Valentine’s Day helps us make that special gesture.

The holiday’s marketing is focused on the romantic aspect, but Valentine’s Day is for everyone. And who wants to be in an iffy relationship just for the sake of going out to dinner on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day is for expressing love between parent and child, child and parent, sibling and sibling, friend and friend.

So, a big SHOUT OUT to my friends here on my flist who have done such wonderful things for me in fannish ways (paying for userpics, paid accounts, helping with tapes and DVDs and creative things, birthday fics, etc.) and in RL. When I’ve needed you, you’ve come through for me, even if it’s just to post a fun entry on your LJ for the day. Know that you are loved.


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Hi, luvs! I was mostly off-line yesterday because I didn't want to infect people with my bad mood. I checked a few things and did some posting, and then I just logged off. This morning was much fun, too. I found out when I went to my local pharmacy to refill my meds that there has been a screw-up with the upgraded health plan, and no coverage is listed. Great! And I can't resolve anything until Monday because their customer service offices are closed on weekends. I know why there's so many sick people in this country. Dealing with the screwed-up healthcare system stresses you out! I'm VERY upset.

I did log into my e-mail and found two messages that helped ease my blues: I received an extension of paid account time by the generous [ profile] phoenixnz and extension for four months of my extra userpics by the amazing [ profile] ctbn60! *dances* THANK YOU, guys! I hate to come begging with my Oliver Twist bowl but there are reasons I can't renew these myself. I have paid account time until 12/10/14 and extra userpics until 5/14/14, so you won't hear me bitch 'n' moan 'til May! ;) My icon for this post was one of those that would have been marked Inactive, so I'm using her to celebrate! :)

Thanks again! I was so upset coming back from the pharmacy and now I have these generous gifts to be happy about. *cries a little in happiness* You guys are the best! I enjoy reading your journals and got to know you through them, one of the reasons I'm still here on LJ. I think it's best for getting to know wonderful people! :)

A football note: the wind chill factor might make the temps plummet to -51 for the Packers/Forty-Niners game tomorrow night in Green Bay! Wow! When I went to the Pats' Ice Bowl in 2004 (playoff game against Tennessee), it was only -15! Our drinks froze within five minutes but we had hand and feet warmers to keep the frostbite away! :)

*hugs my gifters*

P.S. The sky is bright blue and the snow is sparkling, and our temps will be below zero for the foreseeable future. Huzzah! :)
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Hi, luvs! A very Happy New Year to you all!

For those who had a wonderful 2013, may it continue!

For those who had a tough year, may it get far better!

Love you all! :)
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Hi, luvs!

Very snowy here tonight. Our second storm in three days! Lots of shoveling to do tomorrow.

I was going to see Thor 2: The Dark World with my cousin but we cancelled and are going to try again tomorrow night. The commute out of Boston is a nightmare. Traffic is locked all the way from the Zakim Bridge to New Hampshire, and Route 128 is a parking lot. The authorities sent public employees home early and urged private businesses to do so, but it's still gridlock out there.

It's very Christmassy around here. I've received several cards and a big package from Amazon. I had to go and get it from my local post office as it was sent to my old address. I'll have to update that on Amazon. My neighbor works at the post office and called me. So I went down and was happy to receive a big ol' box.

I thought someone had gifted me with books and DVDs because it was pretty heavy. I know you can get virtually anything from Amazon nowadays, but I still think of it as the place to get books, its original mission. :) So imagine my surprise when I opened it and it was a CHROMEBOOK!!! Yes, a laptop shiny and new! Omigosh! THANK YOU to the very generous person who sent this to me. I listed it on my Wish List as a shot-in-the-dark, never dreaming that someone would fulfill it! *dances*

I'll have to read the manual and I'm terrible at computer set-up, but maybe I can get someone to help me. I wonder if it requires any extra equipment to connect to the Internet? All questions to be answered! I'm very excited! :)

I hope you're all having a happy holiday season! Love you all! :)
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Wow, earlier this afternoon I had made this post and was feeling a little blue about losing my Dreamwidth paid account and LJ packages of icons.

I logged back on a little while ago and got the welcome news that the generous [ profile] me_ya_ri had gifted me with a DW paid account for a whole year! Now I can keep importing my comms and doing other cool things. Thank you, hon! *hugs*

She's a peach! A great friend and such a talented writer, too! :)

I feel very lucky to have one of my wishes granted so quickly!
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Yay, it’s Halloween! Appropriately cold and foggy this morning. I have a sweater that’s orange-yellow-and-black with a grinning Jack O’Lanterns design that I’m wearing today. ;) I painted my nails blood-red and coated them with sparkle polish. I have my candy ready in my plastic Jack O’Lantern, though if the weather isn’t great with rain, I may get no trick-or-treaters. They have dwindled over the years, alas. Kinda like LJ.

There’s always a special something in the air on Halloween, during the day and especially at night. Maybe it’s magic. ;)

And the Red Sox won the World Series! First time since 1918 they won it on their home field. There were 15,000 fans in 1918 to watch that historic championship (a heckuva lot more last night!), mainly because of the Great Influenza Epidemic and the warning for people not to gather in crowds because of contagion. The Sox won their Series in 2004 and 2007 away.

Big Papi was walked most of the night. The Cardinals finally woke up and stopped pitching to him. There were other heroes, guys like Shane Victorino and Steven Drew knocking in the runs. You know something special was happening when Jacoby Ellsbury was able to wiggle out of a rundown and get back to first base! Lackey and Tazawa and Workman and Koji were fantastic on the mound.

I wish my parents and grandparents had been able to see at least one World Series in their lifetimes, but if there’s a Heaven, they’re smiling down from it today.


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