Nov. 28th, 2016

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Week 12: New England Patriots 22, New York Jets 17 (9-2) (Sunday, November 27, 2016)

Another Jekyll-and-Hyde game! Mostly Hyde, heh heh.

In the first half, the Patriots were flat as pancakes. The O was sputtering, the D was dreadful, and the ST were shaky as Kicker Gostkowski missed yet another field goal. The Jets were putting up a fight despite their dismal record, but that's always the case with division games. Even when your divisional rival stinks, they usually fight like pit bulls. I'd guess that Tom was hampered by his leg injury from a few weeks before and missing two practices during the week.

In the second half, things started to perk up a little as the D managed to create two turnovers, something rare for them this season, and rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell was stellar. Julian did his thing, but Bennett and Gronk were out with injuries. Dion Lewis and James White looked very good, and LeGarrette Blount continued his power running. And when the game was on the line in the final minutes, Brady drove the team down for the winning TD.

Tom won his 200th start (engineering his 50th game-winning drive and becoming the 5th quarterback in NFL history to pass for 60,000 yards), tying him with Peyton Manning. It was also the 500th franchise win for the Patriots, and the Pats are the first original American Football League franchise to reach that mark. The AFL merged with the NFL in 1970.

Imagine! Tom is responsible for 200 of those 500 wins for an organization that was founded in 1960!

Lots of holes in the team? Yep, but there are no great teams in the NFL this year. Lots of good teams with holes like the Pats, so they still have a good shot to go deep in the playoffs. The Pats right now are the No. 1 seed, but there are four games left to play.

The Dolphins and Bills won their games.


NE 9-2
Miami 7-4
BUFF 6-5
NYJ 3-8

Next week, the Los Angeles Rams come to Foxboro.
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Even though there was only one entry into BradyGirl_12’s 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge (it appears I made the right decision to make this the last one), I like to be a completist and so am creating this Master List for 2016. And, if you have any fanwork you'd like to add while the grace period is on, please do! We are going to be in the midst of a lot of holiday schmoop (which I love, BTW), but if you want something with, ahem, a little more bite to it, add your Halloween fanwork's header and link to the Main Page and I'll take care of the rest for you.

Enjoy the tale of the Bat-Family caught up in the weirdness of the Twilight Zone! :)

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