Aug. 26th, 2017

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(Preseason) Week 3: New England Patriots 30, Detroit Lions 28 (1-2) (Friday, August 25, 2017)

The offense looked very sharp with the starters, and it was a joy to watch. The Patriots used the hurry-up offense, in which Tom shines as conductor. Chris Hogan, Gronk, and James White really stood out. The Pats were up 24-0 in the first half with the first-string Detroit defense looking confused.

The defense was shakier (second-string was pretty shabby) but Alan Branch entertained by grabbing Lions' QB Matthew Stafford with one hand by the shirt and dragging him back like some wayward kid. :)

Sadly, we lost sparkplug Julian Edelman to a torn ACL. He has the best chemistry with Brady and his Tom's security blanket out there. The injury was non-contact, much like Wes Welker's back in 2009. Tough break for Jules and the Pats. Let's hope the next man up is good! :(

Next week, the final preseason game is at Gillette Stadium against the New York Giants, the traditional final preseason opponent. It's unlikely any starters will play. Too late for Jules! :(


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