Sep. 9th, 2017

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Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs 42, New England Patriots 27 (0-1) (Thursday, September 7, 2017)

It started out grandly, with fireworks and the unveiling of Banner No. 5, five giant mock-ups of the Lombardi Trophy, Patriot flags flying and the militia shooting their rifles. Retired Patriot greats held the actual trophies as the crowd cheered. Lusty boos and Goodell clown towels had greeted the weasel Commissioner before the game.

The game started auspiciously, too. Brady marched his men down the field in no-huddle and scored a beautiful TD. Unfortunately, it went all downhill after that. The offense was out of sync, special teams made critical mistakes, and the defense was a leaky sieve, giving up huge bombs and running yards. It was Tom Brady's first home opener loss, and a shocking rare loss at home, period.

I knew the Chiefs would be trouble! Andy Reid is a good coach. The loss of Julian Edelman and other key players is already showing. Of course, we've seen this before. After being humiliated on Monday Night Football by the Chiefs in Kansas City in 2014, the Patriots came roaring back and won a Super Bowl.

Will this be history repeating itself? Or will the injuries simply be too much? Stay tuned!

Since the other divisional teams haven't played yet (Miami's game is cancelled, in fact), I won't post any standings.

Next week: the Pats on the road against the New Orleans Saints!

EDIT: Buffalo wins and the Jets lose!


BUFF 1-0
NE 0-1
NYJ 0-1
Miami 0-0


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