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Things are really heating up!

The Flash 1x15

Wow, some good stuff in this episode! Harrison Wells died and this killer from the future took his identity. Barry’s dad got a taste of freedom (and if I were him I’d gone on the lam, because who knows if they’ll ever prove his innocence?) and now Eddie knows the truth about the Flash.

Heh, I’ll admit it, I laughed when Mark Hamill said the “I am your father” line. ;) He was really playing the Joker, wasn’t he? The Trickster has a lot of Joker in him!

I did like the Trickster’s costume. Looked close to the comics version.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x15

Another fast-paced episode! I still wonder if Bobbi is truly with this splinter group or is infiltrating them. Something seems off with her.

Seems like Mac had a Fitz-like friend before.

Jemma’s become a very competent agent! And she and Fitz might be taking their first steps back to each other.

Will Skye be better off with the Inhumans? I guess it’ll depend on whether or not their treatment is good. And wasn’t that a great scene with the trees falling as her powers went awry?

May on the loose is never a good thing for the opposition. She must have loved it when Natasha came aboard. Those two are very much alike!

Arrow 3x16

So Ollie is still angsting! Felicity can’t say “I love you” back to Ray. Felicity, honey, Ollie will always be a guilt-ridden, angsty mope. Go with the guy who has a good sense of self and who’s handsome as hell besides!

I do like Felicity’s mom. Sure, the dresses look a little silly but she knows a lot more than people would guess. She knew about Ollie being Felicity’s object of desire and gave her the push to go ahead with the nanites. It must have been tough for her to live in a house with two scientific geniuses. And, Felicity, you could have done a lot worse for a mom.

Nyssa helping out pleased me. She didn’t do anything beyond getting the information until Laurel was threatened. Though I doubt Quentin was a real threat.

Poor Quentin! No doubt there are legions of fans blaming him for his attitude without bothering to see it from his viewpoint. Sure, I’d rather he not be on a vendetta for the Arrow but he’s suffering through the loss of Sara for a second time, and all of his latent resentment and anger toward Ollie is coming to the fore. The motivations are pretty easy to understand even if I don’t like what Quentin’s doing.

Roy! Sweetheart, what are you DOING??? I hope there’s a plan behind this foolishness. If not, Thea is gonna KILL you, and I don’t blame her!

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