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Supergirl 2x3; Timeless 1x3; The Flash 3x4; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x5; Arrow 5x4; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x3

Supergirl 2x3

Ha, Supergirl giddy over President Lynda Carter! ;) Is the Prez on the up-and-up? Ha, I knew it! Good alien or bad? "You think Air Force One is cool, you ought to see my other jet." *wink* And they had Supergirl do the Wonder Twirl! Yay!

Maggie hitting on Alex? Cool bar. Definite chemistry there. Maybe Alex is bi. Maggie would make a good girlfriend for her.

Is Mon-El right about Kryptonians? Will Kara realize she's judging the Daxites like the anti-immigration people?

Yes! J'onn is no longer the last surviving Martian, and poor Mon-El learns his world's fate.

Timeless 1x3

Ian Fleming: fun! Loved his adaptation of their adventure as an early book/movie

We see our Trio fleshed out in this episode: Lucy is stressing out. We learn more about Wyatt's background. Rufus is no longer a one-note character (now the big boys are threatening him!). Being surrounded by Nazis in the heart of Germany would make anyone jittery! .

Werner Von Braun: yeah, we got to the moon first because of him, but his Nazi past...ugh. And his total disregard for his rockets' victims? Double ugh.

The Flash 3x4

Mirror Master is a cool villain. Top can be deadly, sending people into inner ear imbalance hell.

Knew Caitlin would use her powers!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x5

Is anyone else disturbed by the Ghost Rider killed that gang member in cold blood? The man sais he had not been on the assignment that crippled Robbie's brother. Yeah, he could have been lying, but I don't think so. Terrible way to go. And what is Hollywood so enamored with showing us pictures of victims killed by fire? *shudders*

Daisy Sue: ingrate.

Arrow 5x4

I couldn't stay in the same room with Felicity if she nuked my town. How does she live with herself? The writers really stuck her with an albatross with that decision she was forced to make.

Cool seeing Ollie break out Diggle. Heh, you got it right, Lylegla, if Diggs wanted to make all of his own decisions, he wouldn't have gotten married. :)

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x3

I like Sara as leader. Gives her focus.

Some good fight scenes in this one. I enjoyed the ladies teaming up. :) 

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