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Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28 (OT) (3-0) (17-2) (Sunday, February 5, 2017)



After 18 months of suffering a witch hunt orchestrated by envious owners in the NFL, Tom Brady engineered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Coming back from a 25-point deficit, the Patriots made history in the 4th quarter, forcing the game into overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history. After 3 quarters of a stalled offense and dodgy defense, the receivers finally started catching passes and Tom became more accurate. Julian Edelman made a circus catch that usually the other team makes against the Pats. Dont'a Hightower made a strip sack on Matt Ryan. Patriots ball! The Pats won the coin toss and James White ran the ball in. Yahoo! :)

This game was special for Tom. His mother has been ill for over a year (the scarf on her head indicates she's receiving chemo) and the stress of that and the witch hunt finally got to him. He fell to his knees after the game and there were tears in his eyes.

Bill Belichick now has 5 rings as a Head Coach, 2 as a Defensive Coordinator. He passed the Steelers' Chuck Knoll with 4. Tom is the first player to win 5 rings, surpassing Montana and Bradshaw. He threw for a record 466 yards.

Roger Goodell was booed off the stage as the Lombardi Trophy was presented. The Pats kept things classy (no one punched Weasel Goodell in the mouth) and Tom did again this morning receiving the Super Bowl MVP trophy. However, I'm sure his Irish ancestry (shared with me) quietly agreed with the old joke: What do you call Irish Alhzeimer's? The ability to never forget a wrong done to you.




Date: 2017-02-09 10:43 pm (UTC)
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I was completely gobsmacked in the third quarter when the tide turned. I adore them all, but when Patriots are 3 scores down, it's usually a loss. But, I guess that rule doesn't count when it's the Big One. LOL

I agree with everything. The defense/offense, from players to coaches, were just superb. That's all I can say. This year's team was just exceptional, and I will be sad to see some of them leave.
Marty's going into free agency, and Hightower wants to stay for the right amount. I'm not sure about the rest but it will be interesting to see how free agency plays out.(Now, if it was me, I'd cut Tall, Dumb, Useless to pay these other guys but that's just my opinion.)

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