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Still got my second wind! I did a lot of editing last weekend and hope to do at least half this weekend, as I've got other stuff crowding my schedule. Hey,The Incredibles might be part of that crowd! Can't believe it's been 14 years since the first movie. :)

I'm fairly pleased with the profic editing. I'm definitely going to add some more scenes but letting those simmer as I streamline my first draft.

Last night I cooked two ears of fresh corn and had them with a tomato-and-cucumber salad drizzled with fat-free Italian dressing. Mmm!

I'm squeezing in some fanfic on my writing schedule as I owe birthday fic, though I know the birthday gals won't mind them a little late. :) I have one finished (needs editing) and finally got the idea for the second one today. I'm rollin', baby!

I heard that the Wonder Woman sequel is set in 1984. Will she be working at the taco fast food joint like she did in the '90s? ;) And some interesting Steve Trevor news, but since it's a spoiler, keeping mum!


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