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Happy Canada Day to all of our friends up North! :)

My paternal grandmother was born on Prince Edward Island, so I've got some Canadian in me! ;)

I've also been on a Canadian kick since the Due South Archive was transferred to AO3 and I've been going through 154 records to reformat where I can, add tags, and break up the stories into chapters. I've been rereading the old stories and poems (I wrote a LOT of DS poetry!) and remembering the friends I made in that fandom, many of whom I'm still in contact with today.

The show aired on American TV from 1994-1996 and was revived for a 1998-1999 run. The show was quirky with subtle humor in the first two seasons, poking fun at Canadian and American stereotypes, and it became a hot fandom with the Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio slash pairing. The show's subtext sometimes was more text! Ray bringing Benny home to meet his mother in the Pilot? Ray the only one to call him 'Benny'? Meeting in a closet at the Chicago Precinct to discuss strategy? Riiiight! Saving each other's lives? Dief (short for Diefenbaker), a deaf wolf who had saved Benny in the Yukon, welcoming Ray into the pack right away? I could go on and on! :)

The revival went on without David Marciano (Ray Vecchio), who was no longer available, so Callum Keith Rennie played Ray Kowalski as the new partner. Paul Gross (Benton Fraser) was given complete control (never give an actor complete control!). He wrote the scripts, starred in the show, and produced. The show's humor went from subtle to broad, and the tone was completely different. Kind of reminded me of the old '70s British SF series, Space: 1999, with Seasons 1 and 2 drastically different. Anyway, there are a lot of Fraser/Kowalski fans out there, but there are still Benny/Ray V. fans carrying the torch. The episodes, including the Pilot, can be found on YouTube.

Due South was one of the first fandoms to successfully straddle zines and on-line archives. During the show's first run, dozens of zines were published, not only in the U.S. but also Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Hundreds of stories were being uploaded to Hexwood (the old name for the DS Archive), and the show stayed hot for several years. I wrote the first Benny/Ray V. slash story (as Jeannie Marie) that appeared in a zine, The Straight And Narrow (the story title, not the zine title). :) In addition to the 154 stories and poems that I uploaded to Hexwood, I wrote dozens more for zines. A great creative time! :)

I also went to the DS con, RCW 139, in Toronto in '97, '98, and '99. I was the DMOB (David Marciano Oestregen Brigade) liaison to David Marciano in '98, and let me tell you, I've never seen more gorgeous green eyes! :) I continued DMOB duties in '99, but David was not a guest that year. I did bring Ray Doll in '98 and David got a big kick out of the knitted doll. :)

In '98, the Toronto Daily Mail published a story on slash fiction with Benny and Ray V. excerpts. I can only imagine what David thought reading the paper with his morning eggs! ;) But he's a very cool guy. Very courteous to the fans and a good sport, too.

I've finished 140 records and have 14 more to go! Whoo hoo! :)
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LJ can't handle large entries, so I've broken up my DC Comics Potpourri Fiction Archive and the Multiple Pairings/Threesomes will be here:

Archive )
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Hi, luvs! A reminder that the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Angels Challenge runs ‘til December 31, 2012.

I’m not sure if I’ll be hosting a new Challenge this summer but if not, there’s always the Halloween Challenge that will be posted in August and set to begin in September. ;) I will probably keep the same format as the abundance of prompts seems to work very well. I haven’t decided whether or not to host the same Challenge for Public Enemies fandom. I would love to see more than just a few people participate! C’mon, Fedora Fans, start writing!

Cut for length )
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Now for our sister community, Marvel Comics:

[ profile] marvel_bang

Sign-ups for authors begin on May 30th. Here is the Prompting Post.

Did I tell you guys I got to see The Avengers movie again a few nights ago? I sure needed that after last week! Even if you're a DC girl or guy through-and-through and know nothing about the Marvel characters, see this movie! As a superhero fan you will enjoy it. :) And if you're all fired up about writing Marvel after seeing the movie, this is a good place to do it! :)

Also, imagine my delight when I posted The Soldier And The Scientist I: Man Out Of Time to A03 and in less than two hours received almost 200 hits and six kudos and a comment, up to eight kudos this morning and 278 hits. Wow, after getting only a handful of comments on DC work lately, this is heady stuff! :)
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Since my Potpourri Archive entry is now too large to add anything else, I've split it into two: the DC Comics Potpourri Archive will be here, and this one will contain all non-DC characters/pairings that don't have their own pages.

All Non-DC Characters/Pairings/Threesomes )
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Thank you, Allison, for sending the DVD! I LOVE the classic Superman cartoons. And you're right, the rest are odd but fun! ;)

The Rainbow's Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) is now uploaded to A03. I'll probably wait a few days to start posting the final arc, which will be easier since I plan on posting to LJ first and then to the Archive. Whew! The word count for the eight arcs so far is 384,311. We'll see what the final word count is down the line.

I was up half the night sick. I'm still queasy today and have the chills. I put the heat on last night because it's cold again here. No Skinny Cow ice cream for me today! :) My poor tummy. It's off, and my gums are sore, too. Dizzy and a little faint. Looks like I'll be drinking my meals today. *sadface*

I'm sitting here wrapped in quilts while writing today's novel chapter. *shivers some more*

I think I might just read later.
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Hi, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom (Project K Arc) is now uploaded at A03. Two more arcs to go! :)

Quick reminder as May gets closer: the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Dick Grayson Challenge runs until May 31st, and the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Angels Challenge is a year-long Challenge, ending on December 31st. Both Challenges have already received some great entries, and cross-Challenging is welcome! :)

Dick Grayson Challenge Master List

Angels Challenge Master List

Not sure if I'll be doing a Challenge during the summer months this year, but you KNOW that I'll be hosting Halloween Challenges for DC and PE fandoms in the fall! ;)
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Rainbow's Freedom (The Jewel In The Crown Arc) is now uploaded at A03. The word count so far is 273,473. Three more arcs to go! Looks like it'll hit 300,000 easy! :)
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Hi, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom The Dark Knight Of The Soul Arc is now uploaded at A03.

I'm taking a short break from uploading RF while I upload last week's LJ entries for [ profile] dark_fest and the [ profile] history_bigbang. I hope you'll enjoy the stories and comment if you feel the urge! :)
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Hi, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom (Paradise Arc) is now uploaded here at A03. Only five more arcs to go! ;)

Halfway there at four arcs, the word count is up to 197,305.
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Hi, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom (RobinSong Arc) is now uploaded here at A03.

I hope everyone is doing well. The weather is beautiful here though it's going to get colder soon. Still, I planted daisies and bleeding hearts today and they should be fine as long as we don't get frost.

Expect some fics from me in April! I've got a bunch of stuff for various Fests and Big Bangs that you'll be seeing. I hope you'll enjoy them and make sure to comment if you're so inclined. :)
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Good evening, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom (Sanctuary Arc) is now completely uploaded to A03 here. Every time I complete an arc, I'll let you know. :)

Also, some people requested to know when Bleeding Kansas (my [ profile] smallvillebbang entry) was uploaded, and it's available here.

I should get Waves Upon The Shore, my [ profile] superbat_bb entry, up soon and will let you know when that's done. :)

Uploading work is coming along slowly but surely! Thanks for your interest! :)
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Hi, luvs! A question of aesthetics for you: I've started uploading Rainbow's Freedom over on A03 and put the wonderful story cover that [ profile] ctbn60 did for me on the first chapter of the first arc (I intend to put it on the first chapter of every arc). Do you think that's enough, or should I place it on every chapter? I do that here on LJ, as people with multi-chaptered works often do, but would A03 be different? It's a beautiful cover. I'm just not sure what would work best. Thanks! :)

Very spring-like here today. Saw my first robin! ;)


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