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A BIG THANK YOU to [personal profile] ilyena_sylph and [profile] 20104isme for their kindness and generosity in helping me keep my Paid Dreamwidth Account (and my icons)! Thanks, my friends. You're the BEST!!! *dances* :)


Jun. 8th, 2017 09:53 am
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Okay, this is a sad pothole in my Wonder Woman squee. My Dreanwidth Paid Account is expiring in 3 days! That affects even my smaller number of icons here. I probably won't even have any WW icons in the limited amount. And me with oodles of story inspiration, too!

If anyone can help me out, MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you for your kindness.
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Well, the Movie opened today. I have to wait 'til Tuesday to see it *groans* but I'll be rooting for our Amazing Amazon!

The BradyGirl_12 DCU Fic/Art Wonder Woman Diamond Anniversary Challenge has been posted here on DW and here on LJ. All fanworks welcome.If you've got a Diana-centric fanwork, these are the places to post.

This is my last BradyGirl_12 Challenge. Send me off in style! :)
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Just testing my Dreamwidth cross-posting. I'll probably still post my fic over on LJ and then import it here, as I have so darned much I don't want to be setting up archive pages over here. If the inevitable happens and I someday abandon LJ, I'll just have to navigate via tags here. I refuse to redo all those links over here! :)

Anyway, I'll probably still write non-fic entries over there but may do some here and cross-post to get into the habit. Happily I've backed up my journal here and the majority of my fic is posted at AO3. Never put all your eggs in one basket!

I am not abandoning LJ for the foreseeable future, not with recently-paid icons and a paid account, not unless I have no choice. Right now it's still my choice. And I can check my DW Reading List here and keep up with people.

Is Tumblr where fandom has pretty much relocated? I really don't like that platform. Has something where discussion is encouraged emerged out there, or is it DW? Which most people don't use, though that may change.

Anyway, still on LJ, but also BradyGirl_12 on DW. What is the code on DW to make a tag like this: [profile] bradygirl? I tried dw user but that doesn't work. And what's the code for cuts? On LJ, it's lj-cut text= and lj-cut (bracketed, of course), but what is it on DW?

EDIT: Hmm, I used the lj user code and it came out looking like a DW name. Weird.

Anyway, slowly setting things up just in case. I can see something in the future with me posting fic here on DW and linking back to LJ for previous fic, and also using tags here to find stuff. I don't know yet.
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Omigosh, THANK YOU to the kind soul who gifted me with paid time for my Dreamwidth account. That means I can still import my LJ comms here and enjoy all the perks besides! :)

What a wonderful place my flist is! Whenever I am feeling low, you guys pick me up and it's a true joy! :)

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit! Maybe I can post a few holiday stories this month that make you smile. :)
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Hi, all! If anyone can help by renewing my paid Dreamwidth account, I'd appreciate it. A paid account allows me to transfer my LJ comms over here, Three days before expiration! Thank you.
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THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who gifted me with a paid account for the next year. Now I can keep my comms and personal journal backed up and play a little. ;) You guys are SO GOOD to me!

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Hi, luvs!

I need help. I'm asking if someone would renew my paid account here on Dreamwidth. I can't do it myself for reasons that I'd rather not go into. That way I can continue to take care of importing my comms over from LJ for back-up, and my journal, too! Thank you. :)
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Wow, earlier this afternoon I had made this post and was feeling a little blue about losing my Dreamwidth paid account and LJ packages of icons.

I logged back on a little while ago and got the welcome news that the generous [ profile] me_ya_ri had gifted me with a DW paid account for a whole year! Now I can keep importing my comms and doing other cool things. Thank you, hon! *hugs*

She's a peach! A great friend and such a talented writer, too! :)

I feel very lucky to have one of my wishes granted so quickly!
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Hi, luvs! Very wintry weather here, sleet and snow and a generally dangerous mix. I had to go out for a short while but I'm home the rest of the day, working, working, working, but safe! :)

My holiday checklist is pretty good, and most houses in the neighborhood are decorated now. My decorations are glittery bows. Maybe someday I can get a wreath! My mom loved wreathes. I sure miss her and Dad. :(

A little bummed out that my Dreamwidth paid account is expiring tomorrow. No more importing my comms over there! Drat! What's worse is my LJ icons will be going by January 13th. :( That is kind of depressing, because I love to dress up my entries with the different icons. I'd renew the packages myself but I can't for reasons I won't go into, but I'm a little sadface today. *clings to icons*

I'm working on a fairly long Clex story for the [ profile] clexmas Holiday Gift Exchange. It was going to be short and then things started happening! :) But so far I have 14 handwritten pages done and am keeping up with typing as I revise.

I'm close to finished with my gift to the 2013 Clint/Coulson Holiday Gift Exchange. I need to go over some things my beta suggested and go over my coding for my entry. I don't want a messed-up code making my story look awful!

Since I'm not hosting a Winter Holidays Challenge this year I haven't been too much in the mood for holiday stories beyond the Exchanges, but who knows? The closer it gets to Yule and Christmas, I might have a short piece or two to post. :)

I have one more Steve/Diana story to post, possibly before the end of the year. I'm stuck for a title but I'm finally getting some ideas. This one has been off-and-on most of the year as I wrote slowly and then didn't have time to edit and then other stuff happened, but it might end up my first posted story of 2014! :)

Thank goodness for [ profile] avengerkink! With so many comms and memes dead on LJ, this one is still thriving!

Oops, gotta get back to work! I'll try and squeeze in another post before tonight! :)
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Hi, luvs! I'm always embarrassed to ask this, but there are reasons I can't do it myself. :( My paid account here on DW is expiring in two weeks and that means I won't be able to import my comms over here. If you can, could you please renew my paid account? I would be so grateful. I can offer fic in thanks.

And while I'm asking, if anyone can tape the Patriots-Broncos game on the NFL Network tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9:00 (goes to 11, I believe), I would like to get a copy. I can only use a VHS tape (yep, no DVR, but you're talking to someone with dial-up and other knives and bearskins, Captain!) but it would make this Pats fan heart happy. :)

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is on CBS tonight at 8:00!

Thank You!

Nov. 26th, 2012 07:45 pm
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Omigosh! A big THANK YOU to the kind-hearted anonymous soul who granted my request to renew my account. You are a doll!

*hugs and dances* :)

A Request

Nov. 26th, 2012 06:43 pm
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Hi, luvs! I just received notice that my paid account here on Dreamwidth will be expiring on December 10th. Would some kind soul consider gifting me with a renewal? I'd like to be able to keep importing my comms and such over here as a failsafe against the craziness of LJ! I would be happy to offer a minimum 500-word fic in thanks or my thanks if you go anonymous. Things are tight right now (it's going to take me awhile to catch up, sad to say) so I must rely upon the kindness of my friends circle. :)

Thank you for reading this.
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I assume many of you have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that would pretty much kill fandom and other creative endeavors online if passed, but if you haven't, there are heavy hitters backing this insidious bill: the TV networks, Hollywood studios, music companies, etc. Find out more about it and how Congress is trying to get this passed quickly before people are aware of just what's going on. LJ, DW and A03 would all be affected, just to name a few sites. User content would be censored as such sites would be forced to do the dirty work for the corporations.

I signed a petition sent to Congress from, which can give you more links and explanations. Also, [ profile] nrrrdy_grrrl has quite a few entries on the subject, complete with links.

In a semi-related note, Dreamwidth is suspending invite codes for the time being, so if you've been thinking about getting a DW account for your personal journals and comms, now's the time before they re-institute invite codes! Community importing just started last week and all of my communities have been successfully imported.

Boost the signal!
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Hi, luvs! I'm going to start spending more time over on Dreamwidth learning how to use it and am going through my notifications in a secondary e-mail account. I had that because DW was just a back-up, but now it's going to be more active. So, if you friended me over there and never heard from me, I'll be going through the notifications slowly and you'll see me friending you back! Or subscribing, eh? ;)

Next week I'm going to work on setting up my three comms over there. Sadly, there is no way to import the comms from LJ to DW, at least not at this time. I will keep the comms here on LJ open and encourage everyone to continue posting to them as for now LJ is my primary home. Once I have everything set up I'll make the announcement here and you can join the comms if you wish and be ready in case LJ goes under. Considering their lousy new release and their continued refusal to listen to their users, that probably won't be too far in the future.

I am BradyGirl_12 over on DW, too. Why change a good thing? ;)

Accounts don't require an invitation code over on DW until the end of December! I would encourage you to grab one now!

I'm not sure if I'll be on much the next two days. Happy Holidays, everyone!
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Hi, luvs! I heard that DW is working on their ability to import comms! That would be FANTASTIC! I never set up a mirror site for any of my comms because it's enough just posting stuff over here never mind doing it there as well. I don't like cross-posting from DW to here because my links are all LJ-related and I prefer to keep them that way, though happily I'm importing all of my personal journal stuff over there and gaining those links. I always wanted to import the comments from my comms instead of losing them, so I am SO THERE! I hope setting up a comm is allowed for free users. *frets*

If you see them make such an announcement, let me know! I might miss it as I really don't have time to check the messages over there. I'll try but if I miss it, I'd love a heads-up!

For any newbies to this journal, these are my comms:

[ profile] wonderwomanlove

[ profile] guns_fedoras

[ profile] station_51

So, my recommendation to all you LJ users is, back-up your personal journals on DW and archive to a place like A03! LJ seems determined to drive this site into the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians who bought this site are trying to shut it down because it'll wreak havoc with the blogosphere over there, the reason we keep suffering DDOS attacks. Nothing much surprises me anymore, frankly.
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So THAT'S the plan! LJ wants to silence us! I can no longer use certain communities now with my slow dial-up. All I get is grayed-out areas where it says 'Add a comment' so can no longer reply or create new messages. The icons are INCREDIBLY frustrating to use with no alphabetical list or drop-down menu. All I see on a page like over at [ profile] vintage_ads is a few messages and then a bunch of blank icons and no messages down the entire page. I guess I'll view the ads over their but won't bother to read the messages anymore. *shrugs*

I think TPTB want this service to go belly up with all these designs that make the site frustrating to use. They truly DON'T care about their user base at all since they hear the complaints AND DO NOTHING!!!

So, happily I am backed-up over at Dreamwidth and they are offering free sign-ups for the rest of December.

LJ, congrats! You're driving one of the last loyal users out. No more sense of community for me. Thank goodness personal journals seem to be okay, or at least most of them!
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Ah, peace. The weather is cold outside but not bone-numbingly cold. The chores are done and I've checked my e-mail and f-list. I'm thinking of doing some typing and am currently reading a wonderful Steve/Danny fic. :) I cooked some delicious pasta with tomato, garlic and onion sauce last night and will probably sample more of it either tonight or tomorrow when I'm watching the Patriots vs. the Redskins. All the decorations and presents are long up and bought, and the tree glitters prettily. I think I'm getting some very cool presents this year. All that's missing is some snow on the ground, nothing major, just enough to prettify everything.

I hope you're all busy creating marvelous works for the 2011 DCU Fic/Art Silver-'N'-Gold Winter Holidays Challenge and the 2011 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Winter Holidays Challenge. I'll be creating collections over on A03 for them soon and will make an announcement on that when they're ready.

I would HIGHLY recommend people here on LJ upload stories over there and back-up your journals on Dreamwidth (comments can be preserved!) considering the attacks on LJ recently, and with the Russian elections in March, get ready for more fun (NOT)! I'm BradyGirl_12 over on both DW and A03. This is especially a good idea for people who post to comms and will lose all their comments if LJ goes belly-up. Communities can't be transferred over to DW so you might want to post everything on your own LJ and link to it from the comms.

So, watch this journal for A03 announcements within the next week! :)

P.S. I tried changing my layout last night but the homepage isn't showing the links to the Journal Style. Anyone else having this problem?
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Hi, all! Well, the latest LJ kerfluffle is upon us! Can't be LJ without fuss, can it? :)

I'm firm in that I DO NOT WANT any of my entries to be cross-posted to Facebook or Twitter. There's a reason I f-lock posts and don't use my 'real' name here on LJ. Thanks for respecting my wishes.

As for DW, I have no plans to move over there. I thought about cross-posting but you have to post at DW first to cross-post. I'm too time-stressed to learn all the little ins and outs over there. And you can't import comms. No way am I starting all over again on DW with the three I'm modding now.

This too shall pass. LJ will always do something to make your teeth grind. My fannish home is here and will remain so for the foreseeable future. DW is a back-up journal only at this time. You're free to friend me over there if you'd like. I'm the same name.

I'm the type of person who is the last one to leave and turn out the lights. I'm a bitter-ender and a die-hard. Just my stubborn personality. ;)


May. 3rd, 2009 03:18 pm
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As I go back-and-forth with Tech Support over on Dreamwidth, I thought I'd ask a few questions here:

Did anyone use an Open ID account to first register with them before April 30th? Were you able to convert an Open ID account to a regular account using an invite code? Or did you just wait until April 30th, get an invite code, and never have an Open ID account?



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