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A Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! Despite the circus in Washington, we're still here, and that counts for something!

Did the cook-out thing over the weekend (hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, the whole nine yards). I'm going to be spending the day quietly catching up on my reading, writing a little, and maybe working on my Due South records project. I may tune in the James Cagney classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy tonight, in between checking out the show on the Esplanade in Boston.

I'm very happy to watch the fireworks from the comfort of my own couch. Somehow sitting for hours in the blazing sun with thousands of other people awaiting the fireworks show at night doesn't appeal to me. :)

Enjoy your day! Today, we are all New England Patriots! ;)
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Happy Fourth Of July to my fellpw Americans!!!

View a parade, eat a hot dog, watch some fireworks. Chill at the beach or at the backyard barbecue. Have fun! :)
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Happy Canada Day to all our friends to the North! May it be a festive day! :)

How do Canadians celebrate their national holiday? Here in the U.S. it's with parades, cook-outs and fireworks. What's considered 'American foods' are hot dogs and hamburgers, and you add in potato salad, pasta salad, chips 'n' dips, and all sorts of goodies! :) You might get a band concert on the town common (and in Boston, it's a big show on the Esplanade). Lots of red-white-and-blue!

What are Canada's national foods? I know French fries with vinegar are popular (or were about fifteen years ago), and poutine. What is considered a quintessential Canadian dish?

I like the fact that in Niagara Falls, the two countries share a week of fireworks because their national holidays are so close together. :)
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Happy Fourth of July to all of my fellow Americans! May you enjoy lots of potato salad, hot dogs, and hamburgers on a sunny day or sandy sandwiches at the beach! ;) Happy Birthday to us! :)
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Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! :)

Keeping an eye on Hurricane Arthur here. Boston moved the Fourth show on the Esplanade to tonight instead of tomorrow, though the fireworks might not be lit tonight. Wind + rain + fireworks not a great combo!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and has a great time! :)
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Hi, luvs! Did you have a good Canada Day and Fourth of July last week? :)

Bizzy at work today but with enough time to sneak in this entry. How do you like my newest icon? It was created by the talented [ profile] ctbn60. You should totally go over to her journal and check out how many wonderful banners, icons, story covers, etc., that she has for display. The Man Of Steel icons are here and are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Is anyone else a Faora/Nathan fan? ;)

So, darlings, it's HOT as you-know-what here. Terrible weather. I can't get people who say they love hot, humid weather. People LIKE standing or sitting still and sweating? *shakes head*

Writing goes well. I finally might be able to post a few things later this week. If not, probably next week.
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Hi, luvs! A Happy Fourth of July for my fellow Americans and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] selinamoonfire! Have a great day, ladies! :)

I ran to the grocery store this morning and picked up hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob, and a bunch of fresh fruit. I've been craving fresh, juicy, cold fruit like crazy. It must be this heat! I also bought some ice cream sandwiches. The fruit consists of strawberries, grape tomatoes, blueberries and plums. *mouth waters*

I'll be going over to the neighbors later for a cook-out and there will be fireworks. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are super-tasty! :) I did some pro writing this morning and am typing up some fanfic while listening to the Red Sox game. Nothing better than the Fourth of July at Fenway Park! :)

Hope you're all enjoying your day! :)
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Hope everyone's enjoying their holiday! Thanks to [ profile] khylara for my yummy virtual picnic basket! :)

Looks like I'll make the 10,000 word minimum, no sweat, considering that I'm writing Chapter 18 and am on Page 99 in my notebook. :)

Days 9-11: (For The Days: Chapter 8 Completed) (Total: 8 Chapters Completed)

Written: (6/8/11-6/10/11) Update Posted: (7/4/11)

7082 / 10000 words. 71% done!

7082 / 20000 words. 35% done!
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Good morning, all! Enjoying Canada Day and gearing up for the Fourth of July, I hope! North America is definitely celebrating this weekend! :)

My family often went to Niagara Falls during this week and it was fun to see both holidays celebrated with fireworks and the wonderful displays of color on the Falls. :)

And, another reason to celebrate! The SuperBat Big Bang is now open! Go and look and sign up! ;)

[ profile] superbat_bb - 2011 Links
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Fourth of July

To my fellow Americans!!!


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Well, the Fourth of July is drawing to a close, but still on the books for a few hours more. :)

Today was quiet, with a barbecue in the backyard and the smell of delicious food sizzling on the grill, and all kinds of wonderful yummies on the picnic table. The idea of it helped inspired me with my latest S/B fic, which I'm writing now. :)

The weather here has been marvelous, around 65-70 degrees. A welcome change from last week's two-day heat wave of 90 degrees with high humidity. I hate humidity, so I'm happy with the cooler weather. It feels like fall, my favorite time of year.

I've been a little lazy lately, too. :) Not as far as chores are concerned, but writing-wise. It's not due to sloth but has more to do with my writing hand knotting up because I'd written/typed too much the previous days! :)

Also, I am pretty much caught up with my stories to archive at the Superman/Batman Archive, just a few short ones to upload, and Rainbow's Freedom, which is making me groan at the thought of archiving 17 chapters! :) So I'll probably just do a few chapters at a time when I finally get around to it.

The Muses finally spoke to me about continuing my Clark/Dick story, Bright Laughter II: Dancing In The Clouds, so that was pleasing to get something done that had been languishing for awhile. I tried for a poetic style in this one. No dialogue, for one thing. Just Clark, Dick, and flying. :)

The day is closing out with soft rains, which I love to listen to.

And for a sorta-patriotic fic, I'm going to pop over to [ profile] marvel_slash and start reading a new Captain America/Iron Man fic! :)

So I hope everyone who celebrates Independence Day had a good day, and let's hope the country is better off by next year, though we're still stuck with the Shrub until 2009 (*shudders*).

My dad was a Korean War veteran, so I am also hoping that things will get better for those serving in the military in Afghanistan and Iraq, which means coming home healthy and whole!

Happy Fourth to everyone who celebrates it!


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