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Hi, luvs!

It's a wonderfully sunny day, which is appropriate as it's the Summer Solstice! Whoo hoo! :)

Funny how it's now entering the darker half of the year when it's summertime, but the days will start to shrink after today. Every day is a gift, right?

For all you Clex fans out there, the [ profile] clexmas Spring Fling! Reverse Bang has closed art submissions, but now it's time for the writers, vidders and music mixers to get busy! The Bang is open to all versions of the Clex, not just Smallville, so if you've got ideas from comics, cartoons, or movies, you can use those, too!

Congrats to Cleveland sports fans for a 52-year championship drought in ANY sport ending last night as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the National Basketball Association's Championship Series. It's a sweet feeling, isn't it? :)

Just got back from the eye doctor with a clean bill of health. Always a little nervous, y'know, because...eyes! So I am very relieved. Wearing dark glasses while my eyes are dilated. :)
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A Happy Summer Solstice to you all! :)

Funny how with the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, we're really entering the dark half of the year. But such is Nature!

Finished my weekly cleaning. Everything's sparkling! :)

I now have 41,000+ words written so far for my [ profile] dcu_bang. *dances*

I hope to get back to my Avengers story and I came up with possible Steve/Bucky idea last night. I'm still holding out hope that I'll get some inspiration to write Steve/Thor and Steve/Sam, but right now Steve/Bucky is the hot pairing for my Muses.

That Steve/Diana story that's been sitting around may be posted soon.

What's up with LJ? Actually listening to feedback? Or is this just the ol' shell game? A pity that they started responding after everyone left. Ah, well, at least it'll benefit those of us die-hards who stuck around. I like the option of keeping my old Friends page and the subject lines back again. Maybe these new owners get it. Anyway, check out [ profile] lj_feedback if you're curious.

I don't think LJ will become the fannish go-to platform again, but who knows? If people get tired of the shiny new baubles like Tumblr, maybe they'll return. I follow a few blogs over there and it's frustrating to just see people hitting the 'Like' button and reblogging and very little commentary. How do you get a sense of someone by just that? I guess social media likes it that way these days. I'll stick with LJ and DW for my little niche of fandom, thanks.
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Hi, luvs! A Merry Midsummer to you all! :) Ironic that now that it's summer, we're in the dark half of the year as the days start to grow shorter.

It's been awhile since I updated you on the progress of my profic. The publishers want to offer my trilogy all at the same time, so I've been working on three novels, hence the longer time to see publication. Also, the company is a start-up and so they're making mistakes as we go along, too. It'll all get sorted out. :)

I also mentioned how many people were asking about my book, which I thank everyone! That keeps me as a viable author in their eyes and makes me feel good. :)

Fanfic remains a mix of old and new stories. The old stories are being polished up and the new ones are being written. I succumbed to a Man Of Steel plot bunny a little while ago, so eventually you'll see that. :)

My story for the 2013 Bruce/Dick Mini-Bang got stuck for awhile, as I had the basic idea but not sure of where to go with it. I do now and I'm sure I'll reach the 3,500-word limit. And who's interested in seeing more Natasha/Pepper? :) Oh, yeah, and a cracky fill for an [ profile] avengerkink prompt. ;) Believe it or not, you may see some Star Trek fic from me. I've had some stories finished for awhile but no time to edit. Time, time, wouldst that I could have more!


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