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Happy Birthday to Tom Brady! He's 40 today, and that's ancient in sports years, but he looked pretty good to me when I was at training camp at Gillette Stadium. ;) The Patriots have baby goats at camp today for fans to take pictures with, because Tom is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). Tom had his picture taken holding a baby goat years ago for a GQ shoot, and he got plenty of ribbing from his teammates for that one! ;)

Today he will be serenaded by the fans in camp, and his teammates will have something for him. He'll be embarrassed by the whole thing, but we don't care. He deserves birthday accolades. He's certainly given us New Englanders years of joy! :)

It's practically a state/regional holiday! ;) Our local news are mentioning it; sports talk radio is all over it; it's Tom Brady Day on ESPN; Twitter's afire; and people are saying, "Happy Tom Brady's Birthday!" to each other. It's really a lot of fun, and in this crazy world, grab fun when you can get it! :)
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A Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! Despite the circus in Washington, we're still here, and that counts for something!

Did the cook-out thing over the weekend (hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, the whole nine yards). I'm going to be spending the day quietly catching up on my reading, writing a little, and maybe working on my Due South records project. I may tune in the James Cagney classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy tonight, in between checking out the show on the Esplanade in Boston.

I'm very happy to watch the fireworks from the comfort of my own couch. Somehow sitting for hours in the blazing sun with thousands of other people awaiting the fireworks show at night doesn't appeal to me. :)

Enjoy your day! Today, we are all New England Patriots! ;)


Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:35 pm
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Hope all who celebrate had a good Imbolc today. :)

For everyone, Happy Groundhog Day! :)

I've been enjoying Super Bowl Week. Found out that Tom Brady's mother has been very ill for the last 18 months, just about the length of time he suffered through the witch hunt by the NFL. He got choked up talking about his hero, his father, during Media Night. He's very close to his parents and his older sisters. His parents go to every game, though this year the illness prevented that. When he first moved to Massachusetts to start his career, two of his sisters came from California to stay with him that first year with the Pats. :)

Got an invitation to a Super Bowl party at my sister's. We might get pizza or Subway sandwiches or BunnyGirl might cook. Up to her! :)

Well, going to turn in now. Zzzzzzz!!! :)
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Happy Canada Day to all our friends to the North! May it be a festive day! :)

How do Canadians celebrate their national holiday? Here in the U.S. it's with parades, cook-outs and fireworks. What's considered 'American foods' are hot dogs and hamburgers, and you add in potato salad, pasta salad, chips 'n' dips, and all sorts of goodies! :) You might get a band concert on the town common (and in Boston, it's a big show on the Esplanade). Lots of red-white-and-blue!

What are Canada's national foods? I know French fries with vinegar are popular (or were about fifteen years ago), and poutine. What is considered a quintessential Canadian dish?

I like the fact that in Niagara Falls, the two countries share a week of fireworks because their national holidays are so close together. :)
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THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who gifted me with all my extra userpics!!! *dances*

Thanks to all of you who listened to my moping and moaning about losing them. I know it's a small thing, and some might think it's stoopid, but we all have our quirks and this is one of mine. *hugs icons tight* I was pretty bummed with the loss of so many icons, particularly a bunch of Steve/Diana and Bruce/Dick lovelies, but so many more!

I TOTALLY appreciate this! What a great thing to cheer up a bleh Monday, though I admit a snowstorm the day after the first day of spring is pretty funny and very typical of New England! :)

I might even be inspired to do a little more fanficcing! :)

My f-list is THE BEST!!!
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Yesterday was a great day! Eleven years after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage, the entire United States of America now has marriage equality! Fifty years ago this would have been unthinkable. We've come a long way, baby! :)
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I am writing this while looking out through my balcony doors, which have two feet of snow piled up against them, driven by the hurricane-level winds. I can barely see the backyard. The wind has been howling since midnight and the Governor instituted a travel ban, so only essential personnel can be out driving. It's days like this that I'm glad I don't live on the coast! They're getting hammered.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft upped the ante last night. After arriving in Phoenix, he started the press conference with a statement adamantly declaring innocence and backing his head coach and quarterback to the hilt. He also took a shot across the bow of the NFL by telling them to stop leaking information and come out with a report. He expects an apology to his team, especially Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, if no definitive evidence is found that they tampered with footballs.

After a week of talking about balls, the story may end with a video given by the Patriots to the NFL. It shows the ball boy taking the bag of balls (both Pats and Colts footballs) and going into a room, which turned out to be the bathroom! He was in there for 90 seconds. A big doubtful that he could let the air out of 12 footballs in 90 seconds! Guess what he was doing in there? Yep, using the bathroom before the game! Sheesh!

If the Pats are lying, they are taking a HUGE risk by all these statements. It wouldn't surprise me if they were (nothing much surprises me anymore), but they sound pretty convincing. Of course, the haters are gonna hate no matter what, but as Tom said, you find out who your friends are during something like this. Drew Bledsoe, the guy he replaced in 2001 but remained friends with, stuck up for him publicly this week, and so did other former Patriots and some non-Pats. It's been reported that Seattle is a little nervous that the Patriots might band together so well against the storm (ha, ha!) that they could be breathing fire next Sunday. :)
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Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! :)

Keeping an eye on Hurricane Arthur here. Boston moved the Fourth show on the Esplanade to tonight instead of tomorrow, though the fireworks might not be lit tonight. Wind + rain + fireworks not a great combo!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and has a great time! :)

Sad Day

Mar. 27th, 2014 11:59 am
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Very sad day in Massachusetts. Two firefighters, Lieutenant Edward Walsh, Jr. and Firefighter Michael Kennedy were lost yesterday fighting the Back Bay fire. The gusting nor'easter winds turned the fire from a one-alarm to a nine-alarm.

I always think back to the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire on December 3, 1999, when something like this happens. Six Worcester firefighters were trapped last night and never came out. It took a week to find the bodies in the rubble.

I was taking the train at the time to grad school in Boston and it was the 6 A.M. train. In the darkness of pre-dawn the searchlights were on while smoke curled up from the rubble and the only sound to be heard several yards away was the skritch-skritch-skritch of the rakes used to look for the bones and ashes. No other sound could be heard. Smoke hung over downtown for days. The highway was partially closed for search equipment and the streets were clogged with drivers usually on the highway. The police had to direct traffic for a week.

Yesterday's fire caught the Boston Fire Department by surprise (the wind). An interesting note: Tom Brady of the New England Patriots lives four doors down and was an eyewitness and gave some interesting insights. He's well aware of who the real heroes are in this life.
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Hi, lads 'n' lasses!

Well, St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated here all weekend as the actual day is on Monday. Friends of mine will be going to the Big Parade in Southie (South Boston), and there will be the Wearin' O' The Green! for the next three days, oh, yes! I will be wearin' a nice green shirt with some fine buttons celebratin' the day. The house is decorated and the corned beef 'n' cabbage will be ready for feastin'! ;)

Here 'tis an Avengers story done for a St. Paddy's [ profile] avengerkink prompt o' mine: Glitches And Hang-Ups In The Process Of Adjustment. Note that Chapter 2: Green Beer, Shamrocks, And Other Gems centers around my prompt (it's a two-chapter story).

Have a great weekend, my friends, and perhaps there will be an Avengers story from yours truly soon! ;)
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Hi, luvs!

Yay, my man Christian has been nominated for an Oscar again! *dances* It's for his role in American Hustle, known as the 'Worcester Movie' around these parts because several scenes were filmed in Central Massachusetts.

Quick List of the movie's major nominations:

Best Picture
Best Actor: Christian Bale
Best Actress: Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Best Director: David O. Russell
Best Original Screenplay: Eric Warren Singer & David O. Russell
Best Production Design
Best Costume

Bruce and Lois did well in the nominations! ;)

You can find the whole list of nominees here at:

The film has a decent shot of taking home Best Picture, though I'm not sure they'll win in any other major category except for Jennifer Lawrence as Best Supporting Actress (gods, was she a hoot!). I would love to see Christian take home a second gold statuette, but he's already got one and a second nomination doesn't hurt the ol' career. :)

I do think that Jeremy Renner should have gotten a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He was outstanding as Camden's Mayor Carmen Polito in the film.

American Hustle is a funny, sly film with wonderful '70s trappings and an excellent cast. Go see it if you haven't already! :)

You can check out my review here but it has major spoilers.
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I saw a very enjoyable movie, American Hustle, with my sister this vacation week. I would highly recommend it. Set in the 1970s, it centers around the FBI sting Abscam. It stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner. The first four have been nominated (Golden Globes) for Best Actor/Actress/Supporting and Jeremy should be, too. The film has been nominated for Best Comedy.

Many of the movie’s scenes were filmed in Central Massachusetts in a city called Worcester.

BTW, there is a comics connection here: Christian Bale, Amy Adam, and Jeremy Renner have all played comics characters: Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane and Clint Barton. :)

Read about the local color that isn’t New York or Los Angeles. Slightly spoilerish but nothing major. )

Want a break from superhero movies or action flicks that rack up the body count? Tired of comedies that rely strictly on bodily fluid and sex jokes? Then American Hustle might be for you!

Review: Major Spoilers )
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We here in Massachusetts are now officially living a freakin' movie!

Boston is in total lockdown. The people in Watertown still can't leave their homes. They woke up at 12:55 this morning to the sound of gunfire as the police shot it out with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. The older brother is dead and the younger on the lam. No MBTA service, taxi service only recently resumed, and businesses and colleges shut down. The cops stopped people on the New Hampshire highway and on the Canadian border because they suspect a third or more suspects involved with the brothers. Amtrak trains in Connecticut are being stopped.

It's all so surreal! The two brothers robbed a 7-11 and killed an MIT cop in his car. They carjacked a Mercedes and let the driver out after a half hour. The dead suspect may have had a bomb strapped to him. SWAT and the FBI and every other agency is out in force.

There may have been an explosion on the UMASS/Dartmouth campus. The younger brother attended that college. :(

The Red Sox and Bruins have games scheduled for tonight. Unlikely they'll play.

Official word came out now that the Amtrak service between Boston and New York is suspended indefinitely.
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Well, if there's a way to ruin something good, human beings will find it. The day was glorious, typical for Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth. The Boston Marathon began and the Red Sox played their traditional 11:00 game at Fenway Park. The Bruins would play a hockey game tonight at the Garden and the city would be filled with happy, joyful people.

And then the bombs went off.

Two went off at the Boston Marathon finish line. Two are dead (one an eight-year-old child) and over 50 people injured. Limbs were blown off and panic went through Copley Square. Two more bombs were found, one under the grandstand. The Newtown Connecticut families were in the V.I.P. section.

My sister and brother-in-law were supposed to be there but he had to work at the last minute. They would have been at the finish line.

The city is shut down, the Bruins game cancelled, and the FBI, state police and local authorities are all over the place, including SWAT.

The police and fire responded swiftly, as many were at the site for crowd control and security. They've trained for something like this.

Seconds after the bombs went off, a fire broke out at JFK Library. It's just been reported that it may have been an incendiary device.

No flights in or out of Logan Airport.

Tufts Hospital: lockdown. Only staff allowed to go in.

All cellphone service is shut down.

What a world we live in!
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Today is the 11th anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire. On a Friday night in December, six firefighters lost their lives in a horrific fire. Two years before 9/11, there was the Worcester Six.

Reminiscences )
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Wow! It's been 47 years since JFK was shot in Dallas.

Some thoughts )
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You Are 76% Massachusetts

You're pretty Massachusetts, but you're starting to slip. Go eat a bulky roll and flip off a New Yorker.

Piffle! I'm 100%! ;)


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