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2017-08-03 06:07 pm

Diamond Wonder Woman!

Hola, my friends! We've got four entries so far (and not all mine, tee hee) in BradyGirl_12's 2017 DCU Fic/Art Wonder Woman Love Diamond Anniversary Challenge! Sure, a lot of focus will be on the Movie, but this Challenge celebrates ALL of Diana's rich history, so if you've got an idea for comicsverse, 'toonverse, or the Lynda Carter TV show, don't hesitate! All types of fanworks welcome. Diamonds are an Amazon's best friend! ;)
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2017-06-09 06:11 pm

(Review) Wonder Woman

I highly recommend this movie. I initially gave it an A- because of some flaws, but I gave The Avengers an A+ because it was nearly perfect, and this movie came close for me. I guess you could split the difference and give it an A, but in any case, it’s A-level! ;)

Okay, here’s my review, filled with spoilers, of course:

Hola! )

So, yeah, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It was everything I’d hoped for: a good story, great Steve/Diana moments, Diana being kick-ass and compassionate, and saving the DCEU’s bacon critically and at the box office. Leave it to a woman. Great Hera! :)
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2017-06-06 06:07 pm

Just Got Back!!!

I just got back from the Wonder Woman Movie.

Quick hit:


(A more detailed review once I can get my thoughts into coherent order through the squee)
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2017-06-03 10:09 am

Wonder Woman Day!!!


It's Wonder Woman Day!

Celebrate by going to the Movie!

Create fanworks!

Take part in BradyGirl's 2017 DCU Fic/Art Wonder Woman Diamond Anniversary Challenge! ;)
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2017-06-02 07:14 pm

She's Here!!! :)

Well, the Movie opened today. I have to wait 'til Tuesday to see it *groans* but I'll be rooting for our Amazing Amazon!

The BradyGirl_12 DCU Fic/Art Wonder Woman Diamond Anniversary Challenge has been posted here on DW and here on LJ. All fanworks welcome.If you've got a Diana-centric fanwork, these are the places to post.

This is my last BradyGirl_12 Challenge. Send me off in style! :)
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2017-05-31 06:54 pm

WONDERful Links!!! ;)

The Movie's almost here! Enjoy some WW links: (Considering how men have excluded women for centuries in their private and public lives, I'd say one evening of 'women-only' won''t hurt them. I also like the idea someone suggested about charging women 85% of the ticket price, reflecting the gender wage gap.)

Enjoy this video ad that played during Supergirl's finale (Nevertheless, She Persisted 2x22) featuring Kara and Alex, the American President (Lynda Carter) and Daxamite Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) Boy, Supergirl's America is a lot luckier than us when it comes to the White House! :)

My 2017 DCU Fic/Art Wonder Woman Diamond Anniversary Challenge coming tomorrow! :)

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2017-05-24 07:02 pm

(Review) Captain America 3: Civil War

Well, riffling through my draft folder, I realized that I had never posted my review for Captain America 3: Civil War! Oh, well, little chance anyone will be spoiled by now, but it'll be behind a cut just in case. It's unedited, so these were my first impressions. Enjoy!


Wow, just saw Captain America 3: Civil War! I give it an A- overall. The first Avengers and first two Captain America movies were A+ ratings for me, because they were nearly perfect. This film got a lower grade because I'm not a fan of the Civil War premise (hated it in the comics). I prefer my superheroes working together against a common foe instead of beating each other up. 

However, this film was leagues better than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Spoilers galore )
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2017-05-19 05:35 pm

My Plans For Wonder Woman

Ready for our Amazing Amazon? :)

I'll be hosting my final BradyGirl_12 Challenge on [community profile] wonderwomanlove and Wonderwomanlove (LJ), my comms dedicated to the Amazing Amazon. Check 'em out and join up! Truly, history will be made with the release of this film, and hopefully we've got a lot of fannish inspiration coming our way. :) Details on the Challenge soon, and [personal profile] ctbn60 has already created a fantastic banner, ready for all participants. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, some WW links for you: (One wonders who greenlights these things. The Clueless Train chugs along!) (I knew Wonder Woman's creator lived for years as part of a menage a trois and his bondage tastes, but this really goes in-depth into his connection to the 1910s Women's Movement. Might be why the movie has been set during WWI because of the vitality of the Movement.)
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2017-03-11 09:52 am

Season 1 Wonder Woman

METV is beginning the Season 1 cycle of the Lynda Carter '70s TV show tonight (8:00-9:00 EST). Season 1 took place during World War II and also featured many scenes on Paradise Island with Diana's mother and sister Amazons. What made Wonder Woman special was in this first season, not so much in the later seasons which were updated to the '70s, IMO.
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2017-01-18 05:38 pm

Inauguration Stuff

Hi, all! As we approach the Inauguration (*shudders*), I thought I'd post these YouTube videos for comparison purposes. If JFK isn't your guy, I'm sure you can find plenty of Inaugural speeches and pageantry for other Presidents, but if you stick with me, here are some random thoughts:

This shows JFK's speech of thanks to Frank Sinatra for putting together this Inaugural Gala, and it was mentioned that some Broadway shows had to shut down temporarily as the plays' stars were all in Washington! I'm just guessing that there won't be the same amount of A-listers at Trump's Gala.

This speech is Cold War-heavy, but JFK came to office a committed Cold Warrior. He began to move away from that position, however, especially after staring down into the abyss of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. After that he pushed hard for a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (signed by him in 1963), better communications between him and Khrushchev (the infamous Hot Line), and efforts to lay the foundation for detente between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. His speech in June of 1963 at American University emphasized that peace should not be a Pax Americana, but a global peace. He also had quietly committed to pulling the American advisors out of Vietnam, keeping it on the downlow because he had to get re-elected in 1964, but he thought it was crazy talk to commit U.S. ground troops there. He publicly called it Vietnam's war to win.

Anyway, the Inaugural Speech itself is delivered forcefully and with eloquence. Think of that as you listen to Trump hem and haw and probably attack his critics in his speech. I don't know how this guy is going to last in office. Presidents are criticized for what they eat for breakfast. Thin skins don't last long in the Oval Office.

Finally, a short piece by Movietone News (still going strong in 1961!), that gives an overview of the day. It was a brilliant day, cold and clear, and as anyone in snow country knows, the sky is incredibly blue and the air sharp and clean on a day after a major snowstorm. So began the American Camelot, glittering like diamonds. :)
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2016-10-29 06:24 pm

Don't Forget Halloween!!!

Hi, luvs! A quick reminder that Halloween is almost upon us! This is my final 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge and I'd like to make it a good send-off. There's a generous grace period if Halloween has come up too fast for you.

Speaking of Challenges, I'm cooking up one for Wonder Woman next year to celebrate her first-ever live-action movie. It'll be the last of my Challenges, and I'm hoping it will be a success. I'm thinking of kicking it off on the movie's Opening Day, and will decide when the posting window closes. 2017 could be a WONDERful year! ;)

BTW, Lynda Carter was fantastic as the Prez on Supergirl this week! :)
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2016-10-03 10:56 am


Hi, luvs!

I'm only going by the promos, as obviously the show debuts tonight, but if you're a fan of time travel, you may want to give Timeless a look. It's on NBC tonight at 10:00 and hopefully will be a good show. :)

Fall is finally here! After an early September heat wave, we're in cooler weather now. The trees are starting to turn, and I've got my baby pumpkin and gourds decorating my place. The colors are all red, yellow, and orange with some black thrown in for Halloween! :) My sister and I will be going to the orchard in a few weeks and I might take a trip soon to Trader Joe's for some mini pumpkin pies and cookies. :)

Football is in full swing, and the real season begins for us Pats fans with the return of Tom Brady from his unjust suspension. Watch out, NFL! Could be scorched earth if we're lucky!

Have a good day and enjoy the best season of all! :)
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2016-08-27 10:58 am

Story Claiming Open Soon!

The [ profile] marvel_bang and [ profile] dcu_bang will be opening soon for artists to claim stories (this Saturday at noon EDT). Stories are up now for early perusal, so if you're interested, check 'em out! Marvel's are here and DC's are here. Marvel has 35 stories and DC has 5 this year.

Funny how Muses work. My [ profile] marvel_bang started slowly, even though I had the beginning and end and some scenes I wanted to put into the middle. For whatever reason, despite my deadlines, it was slow going at first, to the point that I wondered if I would have to drop out (which would have been a first for me!) but this past week has been all Big Bang, and I should have the last chapter finished this week. *fingers crossed* I did have to submit my manuscript at the final check-in at 80% instead of 100%, which is a first for me. Still, it's been a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing if an artist claims my story today. :)
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2016-06-20 11:29 am

Merry Solstice!!!

Hi, luvs!

It's a wonderfully sunny day, which is appropriate as it's the Summer Solstice! Whoo hoo! :)

Funny how it's now entering the darker half of the year when it's summertime, but the days will start to shrink after today. Every day is a gift, right?

For all you Clex fans out there, the [ profile] clexmas Spring Fling! Reverse Bang has closed art submissions, but now it's time for the writers, vidders and music mixers to get busy! The Bang is open to all versions of the Clex, not just Smallville, so if you've got ideas from comics, cartoons, or movies, you can use those, too!

Congrats to Cleveland sports fans for a 52-year championship drought in ANY sport ending last night as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the National Basketball Association's Championship Series. It's a sweet feeling, isn't it? :)

Just got back from the eye doctor with a clean bill of health. Always a little nervous, y'know, because...eyes! So I am very relieved. Wearing dark glasses while my eyes are dilated. :)
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2016-05-02 11:07 am

Author Sign-Ups Now Open!!!

Now that the has been properly pimped, we turn our attention to the [ profile] marvel_bang! Eagerly anticipating Captain America 3: Civil War? Finally ready to write that Steve/Bucky epic that's been nagging at you since Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier? Checking in at Heartbreak Hotel for the Steve/Tony split? Trying to figure out the new world of Marvel Comics since the Incursions erased the status quo? Then head over to [ profile] marvel_bang and sign up! You've got until May 15th, authors! :)

Once the movie's out in more countries, expect a TON of inspired sign-ups! :)

[ profile] marvel_bang
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2016-05-02 10:51 am

Author Sign-Ups Now Open!!!

It's that time of year again! :) The [ profile] dcu_bang is open for author sign-ups until May 15th. Got an idea that just won't leave you? Inspired by the latest crop of movies and TV shows? Excited by DC: Rebirth? Or do you enjoy the classics? You will have plenty of room to shine as this Bang is a lot smaller than its sister challenge, [ profile] marvel_bang.

[ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang
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2016-03-05 11:05 am

(Reviews) Supergirl 1x15; Agent Carter 2x10; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x7 (Extra: The Family 1x1)

Quick rec: if you haven't checked out Legends Of Tomorrow or only watched the first episode, give it a(nother) try. I believe it's improved. Don't read the message boards. They are havens for nattering nabobs of negativity! :)

Spoilers )

The new ABC series, The Family, is uber-creepy. I don’t intend to write a review every week as with the comics-based shows, but if you want to get in on the ground floor, catch up on Week 1 with On Demand. It aired last Thursday on ABC but its second episode airs this Sunday (its regular timeslot) after Once Upon A Time. Trigger warning: talk of child rape.

It’s not Supernatural-creepy, but it’s compelling. )
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2016-01-30 11:17 am

All Hail Wonder Woman!!! :)

The World War II episodes of the classic Wonder Woman series is starting their cycle again on ME TV tonight at 8:00 EST. I'm not a big fan of when the series updated itself to the then-contemporary 1970s, as I thought that a lot of what made Diana special was lost, and she became a generic agent. The Pilot and first 13 episodes did a lot of things right, and each one is a little gem. :)

Tonight, Wonder Woman goes up against Baroness Von Gunther!
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2015-04-25 10:45 am

Convergence: Wonder Woman #1

Good morning, luvs!

I have been squeeing the past few days about the sneak preview of Convergence: Wonder Woman #1! It's absolutely the way I see Steve and Diana! Their easy relationship, waking up together in the morning, all-around sexiness on both their get the picture. ;) You can check out some scans on HeckYeahSteveTrevor over on Tumblr. Get a looksee while you can, because knowing DC, they'll have someone close to Diana decapitated or disemboweled before it's all over. We can't have nice things! But these scans are VERY nice indeed! :)

Tell 'em [ profile] bradygirl_12 sent you! ;)