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Supergirl 2x15

Poor Alex. Torn loyalties are tough. But is Jeremiah on the up-and-up?

I like Maggie supporting Alex. She really needed someone during this time of crisis.

Great rescue of Lena by Supergirl. Ah, bridal carry! :)

Ah, the Kirk/Spock touching of hands. :)

Kara has the same love for her writing that Clark does. No superpowers, just their own talent.

The Flash 3x15

Poor Wally! He really got raked over the coals in this one. And now he's stuck in the Speed Force!

H.R. may not be a scientific genius, but he's very good at comforting distressed people like Jesse.

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x13

Stuck in prehistoric times again for Ray, but at least he has company this time. The dolls he made were cuuute!!! :)

It sure was a wacky episode. Sara and Jax inside Rip's head! And is Rip truly restored or faking it? If restored, does he remember killing Dr. Mid-Nite? I think exploring a genuinely-restored Rip would be interesting. And, whoa, Gideon! :) 

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