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Week 6: New England Patriots 24, New York Jets 17 (4-2) (Sunday, October 15, 2017)

Ever get the feeling that you're hopelessly behind? I still have nearly a dozen hours of TV watching to catch up on! Yeesh!

Anyway, here's the latest Pats' game review. I know you're all just DYING to read it. ;)

The game was one of those slugfests you get when you play a division rival. The Pats started out slow and the Jets played better than expected, so it was touch-and-go there for awhile. The defense is up to its bad old tricks and the offense is still sputtering, but somehow the Patriots managed to pull this one out on the road. Frankly, their record is better on the road than home so far this year.

It's disappointing at the lack of consistency and improvement with this team. I really don't know how the playoff picture will look. Too early to tell, but hopefully the Pats can figure out what's going on and fix it.

All I can say is thank goodness we have Tom Brady! Without him I shudder to think where this team would be.

The Pats beat the Jets, the Dolphins won, and the Bills were on their bye week.


NE 4-2
BUFF 3-2 (Bye)
Miami 3-2
NYJ 3-3

Next week, which is now only a few days away, the Falcons come into town for a rematch of Super Bowl LI!
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Week 5: New England Patriots 19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 (3-2) (Thursday, October 5, 2017)

Well, the Pats did manage to pull out a win on a short week, but it was ugly! The offense looked like it was clicking but stalled several times in the end zone. The defense was improved since last Sunday but they still gave up the dreaded Big Plays, and they committed two consecutive roughing-the-passer penalties at the end of the first half that gave the Bucs an opportunity to steal 3 points. Fortunately their kicker couldn't get the ball through the uprights. An undisciplined Bill Belichick team is a shockah! Special teams were so-so, too.

The offensive line is a big concern. Tom got sacked, hit, and pressured WAY too much. He'll never last the season with all these big hits! Something has to be done, and quick!

Hopefully ten days off will help this team. They sure need to turn it around. 3-2 is okay, but hardly setting the world on fire.

Everyone in the division is playing tomorrow so I'll update after the games.

EDIT: Everyone won this week except for the Bills.

Next week, the New York Jets welcome the boys from Foxboro!


NE 3-2
BUFF 3-2
NYJ 3-2
Miami 2-2
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Week 3: New England Patriots 36, Houston Texans 33 (2-1) (Sunday, September 24, 2017)

Pats started out strong with some efficient touchdowns, but mistakes and a leaky defense and O-line sounded the death knell (almost). The defense COULDN'T STOP ANYBODY! Pathetic. The offense went downhill and couldn't do squat in the second half. Pretty disgraceful all around as special teams sucked, too.

Of course, then the GOAT went to work and pulled out yet another miracle game-winning drive. Typical Tommy! He's simply amazing. :).
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Week 2: New England Patriots 36, New Orleans Saints 20 (1-1) (Sunday, September 17, 2017)

MUCH better this week, but the Pats usually follow a stinker with a good game. Tom threw for 447 yards and Gronk had a great game, including a monster TD! Tom threw 3 TDs in the first quarter, the first time he's ever done that. The offense looked like they were getting in sync, but most of the WRs got hurt this game, so who knows going forward? The offense looked like they were getting in sync, but most of the WRs got hurt this game, so who knows going forward? Pats did gain 555 yards of total offense, the most for the Patriots since 2003.

The defense was better but gave up too many long completions. Still, improvement was shown. If injuries don't do them in, this team will be very potent as predicted.

Buffalo lost and Miami and the Jets playing late games, so will update later.

Next week, Houston comes to Foxboro!

EDIT: Miami wins and the Jets lose. Here's the standings:


Miami 1-0
NE 1-1
BUFF 1-1
NYJ 0-2
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Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs 42, New England Patriots 27 (0-1) (Thursday, September 7, 2017)

It started out grandly, with fireworks and the unveiling of Banner No. 5, five giant mock-ups of the Lombardi Trophy, Patriot flags flying and the militia shooting their rifles. Retired Patriot greats held the actual trophies as the crowd cheered. Lusty boos and Goodell clown towels had greeted the weasel Commissioner before the game.

The game started auspiciously, too. Brady marched his men down the field in no-huddle and scored a beautiful TD. Unfortunately, it went all downhill after that. The offense was out of sync, special teams made critical mistakes, and the defense was a leaky sieve, giving up huge bombs and running yards. It was Tom Brady's first home opener loss, and a shocking rare loss at home, period.

I knew the Chiefs would be trouble! Andy Reid is a good coach. The loss of Julian Edelman and other key players is already showing. Of course, we've seen this before. After being humiliated on Monday Night Football by the Chiefs in Kansas City in 2014, the Patriots came roaring back and won a Super Bowl.

Will this be history repeating itself? Or will the injuries simply be too much? Stay tuned!

Since the other divisional teams haven't played yet (Miami's game is cancelled, in fact), I won't post any standings.

Next week: the Pats on the road against the New Orleans Saints!

EDIT: Buffalo wins and the Jets lose!


BUFF 1-0
NE 0-1
NYJ 0-1
Miami 0-0
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Hi, luvs!

A few football notes for you, but first, wow, what a great summer! It's about 62 degrees today, and everything's still green. Rain again today courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, but nothing too heavy. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. We have had cool weather for weeks now. *happy sigh* Kind of a Pacific Northwest summer! :)

Football notes: if you're interested in behind-the-scenes stuff, there's a special on NBC tonight at 7:00 P.M. EDT that features the Patriots, a lot of why the coaches decided what they did, and other inside stuff. Those in the media who have seen it already say it's excellent.

Even if you're not a football fan but you like fireworks and hoopla, consider watching the beginning of the football game Sunday night for the raising of the championship banner in Foxboro. Should be fun! :)

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, my fellow Americans! :)
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(Preseason) Week 3: New England Patriots 30, Detroit Lions 28 (1-2) (Friday, August 25, 2017)

The offense looked very sharp with the starters, and it was a joy to watch. The Patriots used the hurry-up offense, in which Tom shines as conductor. Chris Hogan, Gronk, and James White really stood out. The Pats were up 24-0 in the first half with the first-string Detroit defense looking confused.

The defense was shakier (second-string was pretty shabby) but Alan Branch entertained by grabbing Lions' QB Matthew Stafford with one hand by the shirt and dragging him back like some wayward kid. :)

Sadly, we lost sparkplug Julian Edelman to a torn ACL. He has the best chemistry with Brady and his Tom's security blanket out there. The injury was non-contact, much like Wes Welker's back in 2009. Tough break for Jules and the Pats. Let's hope the next man up is good! :(

Next week, the final preseason game is at Gillette Stadium against the New York Giants, the traditional final preseason opponent. It's unlikely any starters will play. Too late for Jules! :(
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(Preseason) Week 2: Houston Texans 27, New England Patriots 24 (0-2) (Saturday, August 19, 2017)

A very uneven game, but such is preseason football! Tom and the 1st-string offense were pretty good, but the 1st-string defense looked shaky. They gave up a big play, and more big plays were given up by the second-stringers.

Back-up Jimmy Garoppolo was off all night, though he did lead some nice scoring drives. He did throw a dumb INT that blew the game, so he's gonna hear about that from the coaches! :)

Jacoby, our 3rd-string QB, did okay, but the whole team seemed out of sync. Oh, well, give the preseason win to the Texans. We'll take beatin' 'em in the regular season and playoffs! :) We play them this year.

Next week the Pats head to Detroit for joint practices and their third preseason game. Ha, the Pats fans are unlucky this year as the first and fourth games are in New England and no starters will play in either!
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(Preseason) Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars 31, New England Patriots 24 (0-1) (Thursday, August 10, 2017)

The Super Bowl Champs are back in business! :)

Even though preseason games are glorified scrimmages and the points don't matter, you can learn things about your team. For instance, back=up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looked pretty sharp even though he was throwing to second-stringers, as the starters didn't start. Tom had to look pretty on the sidelines. :)

So the offense was pretty good but the defense gave up three long bombs. Again, second-string, but these guys are trying to make the team. Special teams was so-so. Once again kicker Stephen Gostkowski has the yips!

When Jimmy G. left the game (after a spectacular circus TD catch by rookie Austin Carr), third-string quarterback Jacoby Brisett took over. He's still sailing balls over people's heads and has poor touch, but he's good in other areas. Still needs lots of work!

Six years ago, Bill Belichick initiated joint practice with a team (1 out of 4) they would face in the preseason. Years ago some NFL teams would hold joint scrimmages but the practice fell out of favor until BB revived it. This year the Patriots will be holding joint practices with 3 out of 4 teams. Since joint practices allow teams to beat up other guys rather than their own teammates, the players like it, and so much work gets done, the starters can sit out the first game.

Next game is against the Houston Texans. They are attending Texans' training camp in Greenbrier, West Virginia and flew down on two, brand-spanking-new private airplanes bought by the Pats owners, the Kraft family. The planes are Airkraft One and Two. ;)
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Happy Birthday to Tom Brady! He's 40 today, and that's ancient in sports years, but he looked pretty good to me when I was at training camp at Gillette Stadium. ;) The Patriots have baby goats at camp today for fans to take pictures with, because Tom is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). Tom had his picture taken holding a baby goat years ago for a GQ shoot, and he got plenty of ribbing from his teammates for that one! ;)

Today he will be serenaded by the fans in camp, and his teammates will have something for him. He'll be embarrassed by the whole thing, but we don't care. He deserves birthday accolades. He's certainly given us New Englanders years of joy! :)

It's practically a state/regional holiday! ;) Our local news are mentioning it; sports talk radio is all over it; it's Tom Brady Day on ESPN; Twitter's afire; and people are saying, "Happy Tom Brady's Birthday!" to each other. It's really a lot of fun, and in this crazy world, grab fun when you can get it! :)
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Yesterday was my annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Saints Bill and Tom, who are fresh off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. :) Fitting, as the weather was very autumnal, with the day being cool, breezy and cloudy, a huge improvement over last year's humid 100 degrees.

15,000 of us made the trek to Gillette Stadium. That meant I didn't get near the bleachers (third year in a row) and had to climb up the hill, but got a great viewing spot under a shady tree and used my binoculars for close-ups of the field.

Yep, saw Tom, who doesn't look like a guy who's gonna hit 40 in a week! :) He was sharp in drills, too, and Gronk spiked a ball after a touchdown. :) Newcomer Brandin Cooks looks very good in the offense, so it appears he isn't lost in this complex scheme. Coach Belichick was there spinning his whistle, barking out commands, and reveling in being at the top of his game.

Both back-up QBs looked pretty good, though Jimmy G. ended up with two INTs and had to run a lap with the center after a botched hand-off. Jacoby Brissett has healed from his thumb surgery and was less accurate, but not by much. He has a lot of promise.

It was a very festive atmosphere with a lot of Brady jerseys (and Gronk and Edelman and so on), and they added a few new vendor stations this year. Unfortunately, they also added security check with bag inspection. Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to check fans' bags just to enter training camp. *shakes head*

I brought some slices of bread and my own water, not wanting to pay the jacked-up prices, and it worked out fine. I do wish I could get a bleacher seat like the old days, but I refuse to come hours early before the gates open. I have a long enough drive as it is early in the morning to get here, so I'll make do with the hill.

All in all, very excited about football season! It officially kicks off in September, but training camp is an unofficial opening. The Pats will hold joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, and I bet the Jags don't see 15,000 people at their training camp! :) They are also holding joint practices with the Houston Texans at their camp and the Detroit Lions back here at Gillette.

The Texans and Dallas Cowboys clear out of Texas in the summer. Smart move! They hold their camps out-of-state to escape the godawful Texas heat.

So, yay, football is back! :)
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A Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! Despite the circus in Washington, we're still here, and that counts for something!

Did the cook-out thing over the weekend (hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, the whole nine yards). I'm going to be spending the day quietly catching up on my reading, writing a little, and maybe working on my Due South records project. I may tune in the James Cagney classic, Yankee Doodle Dandy tonight, in between checking out the show on the Esplanade in Boston.

I'm very happy to watch the fireworks from the comfort of my own couch. Somehow sitting for hours in the blazing sun with thousands of other people awaiting the fireworks show at night doesn't appeal to me. :)

Enjoy your day! Today, we are all New England Patriots! ;)
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Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28 (OT) (3-0) (17-2) (Sunday, February 5, 2017)



After 18 months of suffering a witch hunt orchestrated by envious owners in the NFL, Tom Brady engineered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Coming back from a 25-point deficit, the Patriots made history in the 4th quarter, forcing the game into overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history. After 3 quarters of a stalled offense and dodgy defense, the receivers finally started catching passes and Tom became more accurate. Julian Edelman made a circus catch that usually the other team makes against the Pats. Dont'a Hightower made a strip sack on Matt Ryan. Patriots ball! The Pats won the coin toss and James White ran the ball in. Yahoo! :)

This game was special for Tom. His mother has been ill for over a year (the scarf on her head indicates she's receiving chemo) and the stress of that and the witch hunt finally got to him. He fell to his knees after the game and there were tears in his eyes.

Bill Belichick now has 5 rings as a Head Coach, 2 as a Defensive Coordinator. He passed the Steelers' Chuck Knoll with 4. Tom is the first player to win 5 rings, surpassing Montana and Bradshaw. He threw for a record 466 yards.

Roger Goodell was booed off the stage as the Lombardi Trophy was presented. The Pats kept things classy (no one punched Weasel Goodell in the mouth) and Tom did again this morning receiving the Super Bowl MVP trophy. However, I'm sure his Irish ancestry (shared with me) quietly agreed with the old joke: What do you call Irish Alhzeimer's? The ability to never forget a wrong done to you.





Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:35 pm
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Hope all who celebrate had a good Imbolc today. :)

For everyone, Happy Groundhog Day! :)

I've been enjoying Super Bowl Week. Found out that Tom Brady's mother has been very ill for the last 18 months, just about the length of time he suffered through the witch hunt by the NFL. He got choked up talking about his hero, his father, during Media Night. He's very close to his parents and his older sisters. His parents go to every game, though this year the illness prevented that. When he first moved to Massachusetts to start his career, two of his sisters came from California to stay with him that first year with the Pats. :)

Got an invitation to a Super Bowl party at my sister's. We might get pizza or Subway sandwiches or BunnyGirl might cook. Up to her! :)

Well, going to turn in now. Zzzzzzz!!! :)
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The smoke wasn't even dissipated from the protests in Washington yet when the official White House website had taken down content on issues of civil rights, health care, and LGBTQ rights, but found space to shill Melania Trump's jewelry collection and mentioned it was available on QVC. It's now been edited to delete the QVC reference.

Will Trump and his inevitable ethics violations get him impeached? Unlikely. The Repubs are like the NFL: any violation committed by a team not named the New England Patriots will be ignored or given a light slap on the wrist. The Billionaire Boys Clubs, whether in politics or sports, takes care of their own. Soon Washington will be crawling with billionaires, no working folks allowed unless they serve the ruling class.

Shill, baby, shill!

How do you like the new term for lies: 'alternative facts'. These people are BRAZEN!!!

Trump is fond of saying legit news organizations are 'fake news': well, how about a fake Prez?

P.S. How do you like my Trump icon? Wild orange hair, big orange nose, talks gibberish when he opens his mouth!
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AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots 36, PIttsburgh Steelers 17 (2-0) (16-2) (Sunday, January 22, 2017)

*dances* *twirls* *dips* *sashays*

The Pats are on to the Super Bowl!!! :)

It's the 9th time in franchise history and the 7th under Brady/Belichick. It was a GREAT game!

The first half was a bit tight, but the Steelers couldn't punch the ball into the endzone. The Pats weren't flawless but they had a comfortable lead by halftime and never looked back. Chris Hogan was incredible and so was Julian Edelman in the receiving corps. The O-line did its job. Dion Lewis scampered around and LeGarrette Blount bulled his way forward, carrying half the Steelers' DBs with him! Kicker Gostkowski did miss an extra point (after a steady second half of the season) so that's a tad worrisome, but hopefully he won't do so again in the Super Bowl. Otherwise he was right on the money.

Tom was fantastic. He was sharp and shining, though he will hear about his fumble on a quarterback sneak. Luckily he retained possession of the ball! Tsk, tsk, Tommy!

It became blow-out territory by the second half and was a game in which Pats fans didn't have to hold their breath 'til the last second! :)

We're on to Atlanta (in Houston)! The Falcons crushed the Packers in their Championship Game, and it's gonna be tough. Atlanta has a stout defense and great offense, but bring it on! Tom and the Patriots are going for Ring No. 5!

Oh, Marty Bennett! Dancing with the cheerleaders after the game. Sign this guy up! :)

Gillette Stadium rang with cheers of "Brady, Brady, Brady!" and "Where's Roger?" as the Commish once again showed his cowardice by not showing up.

We are enjoying this run for we shall not see its like again.
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Divisional Round: New England Patriots 34, Houston Texans 16 (1-0) (15-2) (Saturday, January 14, 2017)

What a crazy football game! The Pats beat the spread (18 over 17-point spread) but as Belichick and Brady emphasized, they have to do better. Tom threw 2 INTs, matching his record for the entire season! The offense simply could not get in rhythm. Dion Lewis was a perfect example: he was trick-or-treat all night: he fumbled twice (lost one, a teammate recovered the other), but he set a playoff record of running for a TD, caught a pass for one, and ran a kick-off return for a third. He dazzled as he made playoff history, and also made franchise history with the 98-yard return. Of course, the coaches will focus on the fumbles on Monday. :)

Special teams featured steady reliability by the kicker and an above-average performance by punter Ryan Allen, the spectacular kick-off return by Lewis, but also Lewis' fumble that gave the Texans points. Trick-or-treat!

The defense saved the O's bacon by grabbing 3 INTs in the second half. Whew! They came through.

DB Eric Rowe committed a stupid penalty that allowed points scored by Houston. Boy, did Belichick lace into him! Patriots aren't supposed to do stupid.

Julian Edelman surpassed Wes Welker for the most playoff receptions (76 over 69) in Patriots history.

Brady and Belichick were grumpy because they knew if they had played a better team, they'd have been bounced. Hopefully they can come out stronger next week. Ha, if you didn't know who won the game, listening to their pressers, you would have thought they lost! :)

Expectations are high. Most teams would be giddy with an 18-point win after coughing up the ball 3 times. but our team knows better. I was nervous about this game with all the pundits predicting a walkover by the Pats, but I knew the Texans could win if the Pats beat themselves, and it looked as if they were doing just that in the first half. Fortunately the second half was much better!

Next week, either Pittsburgh or Kansas City come to Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship Game. It's the Patriots' 6th straight AFCGG, an NFL record, and Tom's 32nd playoff game, also a record. Guess the scurrilous plot against Tom didn't work after all.

EDIT: Pittsburgh comes to Gillette next week!
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Week 17: New England Patriots 35, Miami Dolphins 14 (14-2) (Sunday, January 1, 2017)

Miami is typically a difficult place for the Patriots to play as Denver is, but this year the Pats beat the Broncos in Denver and did the same to the Dolphins in Miami. The game started out well for the Patriots, and it looked like the game was going to be a blow-out. The Dolphins did creep to within one possession, but the Pats pulled away and were off to the races despite stalling more than once in the red zone and settling for field goals, otherwise the score would have been far greater for New England.

Tom Brady was sharp, and new pick-up Michael Floyd scored a touchdown in which he dragged four defenders with him over the goal line, and threw a crushing block to spring Julian Edelman for a 77-yard TD run. LeGarrett Blount scored his 18th rushing touchdown, and Tom Brady finished with 28 TDs to 2 INTs, a ratio that set a record. There were other outstanding plays and the offense and defense did their jobs, including the defense creating turnovers (one fumble scoop-and-run went for 69 yards, a franchise record). Special teams did well with the exception of a 55-yard field goal attempt going awry, but in Gostkowski's defense, the field in Miami was simply awful. Players were losing their footing throughout the game. It was a miracle no one got hurt!

The Pats ended up 14-2 for the 2016 season and clinching the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. This means that they have Home Field Advantage (HFA) throughout the playoffs.

The NFL's system is fairly simple: 12 of 32 teams get into the playoffs. The NFL is divided into two conferences: the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Four divisions are in each conference. Each conference sends the 4 division winners and 2 wild card teams to the 'Tournament'. Wild Card Weekend features all wild card teams versus division winners, with 2 division winners from each conference sitting out that weekend (best records prevail). Then Divisional Weekend sees the WC survivors meet the top division winners, and Championship Weekend sees 2 teams from each conference compete for the right to go to the Super Bowl. The Pats, if they survive Divisional Weekend, host the AFC Championship Game in Foxboro. Whoo hoo! :)

The Pats will play Miami if they beat Pittsburgh, otherwise they have to play whoever wins in the Oakland/Houston game.

The division ended up with the Pats winning in Week 17 over the Dolphins and the Jets winning over the Bills.


NE 14-2 (Division Winner & No. 1 Seed)
Miami 10-6 (Wild Card Team & No. 6 Seed)
BUFF 7-9
NYJ 5-11
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Week 16: New England Patriots 41, New York Jets 3 (13-2) (Saturday, December 24, 2016)

'Tis the season for drubbing, fa la, fa la!

On Christmas Eve, the Patriots cleaned the Jets' clocks. It was nearly a shut-out, but the Jets squeezed in a field goal. They really didn't have their hearts in it. Their head coach, Todd Bowles, had been hospitalized with gallstones Friday but was cleared and flew up to Foxboro to join his team. A pity the team didn't rally around him.

LeGarrette Blount scored rushing touchdowns No. 16 and 17 and Tom Brady was tip-top. He really is amazing. Watching the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is a joy. :)

Malcolm Butler, the hero of Super Bowl XLIX, intercepted 2 passes and caused a fumble. The kid's a gem! :)

The Dolphins beat the Bills in overtime.


NE 13-2
Miami 10-5
BUFF 7-8
NYJ 4-11

Next week, the Pats go down to Miami for a game against the Dolphins on New Year's Day!
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Week 15: New England Patriots 16, Denver Broncos 3 (12-2) (Sunday, December 18, 2016)

The House of Horrors was not so this week for Tom and the Patriots. While the offense was stymied at times by the Denver defense, LeGarrette Blount still scored his 15th touchdown of the year, breaking the franchise record, and the Pats defense and special teams were pretty sharp. Hey, they held the Broncos to 3 points in their house! So pretty good, I'd say, and Dion Lewis and James White, our other running backs, had good games, too.

The Pats clinched the division (7th record-breaking year in a row!) and a first-round bye in the playoffs. They don't know if they'll be 1st or 2nd seed yet, but it's lookin' good for the postseason! *dances*

It was good to see guys like Chris Long enjoy the AFC East Division crown as he's been in the league a long time and never been in a playoff game! He's very excited.

The Bills and Dolphins won and the Jets lost this week.


NE 12-2
Miami 9-5
BUFF 7-7
NYJ 4-10

Next, home at Gillette against the Jets on Christmas Eve! :)


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