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Week 5: New England Patriots 19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 (3-2) (Thursday, October 5, 2017)

Well, the Pats did manage to pull out a win on a short week, but it was ugly! The offense looked like it was clicking but stalled several times in the end zone. The defense was improved since last Sunday but they still gave up the dreaded Big Plays, and they committed two consecutive roughing-the-passer penalties at the end of the first half that gave the Bucs an opportunity to steal 3 points. Fortunately their kicker couldn't get the ball through the uprights. An undisciplined Bill Belichick team is a shockah! Special teams were so-so, too.

The offensive line is a big concern. Tom got sacked, hit, and pressured WAY too much. He'll never last the season with all these big hits! Something has to be done, and quick!

Hopefully ten days off will help this team. They sure need to turn it around. 3-2 is okay, but hardly setting the world on fire.

Everyone in the division is playing tomorrow so I'll update after the games.

EDIT: Everyone won this week except for the Bills.

Next week, the New York Jets welcome the boys from Foxboro!


NE 3-2
BUFF 3-2
NYJ 3-2
Miami 2-2
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(Preseason) Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars 31, New England Patriots 24 (0-1) (Thursday, August 10, 2017)

The Super Bowl Champs are back in business! :)

Even though preseason games are glorified scrimmages and the points don't matter, you can learn things about your team. For instance, back=up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looked pretty sharp even though he was throwing to second-stringers, as the starters didn't start. Tom had to look pretty on the sidelines. :)

So the offense was pretty good but the defense gave up three long bombs. Again, second-string, but these guys are trying to make the team. Special teams was so-so. Once again kicker Stephen Gostkowski has the yips!

When Jimmy G. left the game (after a spectacular circus TD catch by rookie Austin Carr), third-string quarterback Jacoby Brisett took over. He's still sailing balls over people's heads and has poor touch, but he's good in other areas. Still needs lots of work!

Six years ago, Bill Belichick initiated joint practice with a team (1 out of 4) they would face in the preseason. Years ago some NFL teams would hold joint scrimmages but the practice fell out of favor until BB revived it. This year the Patriots will be holding joint practices with 3 out of 4 teams. Since joint practices allow teams to beat up other guys rather than their own teammates, the players like it, and so much work gets done, the starters can sit out the first game.

Next game is against the Houston Texans. They are attending Texans' training camp in Greenbrier, West Virginia and flew down on two, brand-spanking-new private airplanes bought by the Pats owners, the Kraft family. The planes are Airkraft One and Two. ;)
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Yesterday was my annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Saints Bill and Tom, who are fresh off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. :) Fitting, as the weather was very autumnal, with the day being cool, breezy and cloudy, a huge improvement over last year's humid 100 degrees.

15,000 of us made the trek to Gillette Stadium. That meant I didn't get near the bleachers (third year in a row) and had to climb up the hill, but got a great viewing spot under a shady tree and used my binoculars for close-ups of the field.

Yep, saw Tom, who doesn't look like a guy who's gonna hit 40 in a week! :) He was sharp in drills, too, and Gronk spiked a ball after a touchdown. :) Newcomer Brandin Cooks looks very good in the offense, so it appears he isn't lost in this complex scheme. Coach Belichick was there spinning his whistle, barking out commands, and reveling in being at the top of his game.

Both back-up QBs looked pretty good, though Jimmy G. ended up with two INTs and had to run a lap with the center after a botched hand-off. Jacoby Brissett has healed from his thumb surgery and was less accurate, but not by much. He has a lot of promise.

It was a very festive atmosphere with a lot of Brady jerseys (and Gronk and Edelman and so on), and they added a few new vendor stations this year. Unfortunately, they also added security check with bag inspection. Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to check fans' bags just to enter training camp. *shakes head*

I brought some slices of bread and my own water, not wanting to pay the jacked-up prices, and it worked out fine. I do wish I could get a bleacher seat like the old days, but I refuse to come hours early before the gates open. I have a long enough drive as it is early in the morning to get here, so I'll make do with the hill.

All in all, very excited about football season! It officially kicks off in September, but training camp is an unofficial opening. The Pats will hold joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, and I bet the Jags don't see 15,000 people at their training camp! :) They are also holding joint practices with the Houston Texans at their camp and the Detroit Lions back here at Gillette.

The Texans and Dallas Cowboys clear out of Texas in the summer. Smart move! They hold their camps out-of-state to escape the godawful Texas heat.

So, yay, football is back! :)
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Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28 (OT) (3-0) (17-2) (Sunday, February 5, 2017)



After 18 months of suffering a witch hunt orchestrated by envious owners in the NFL, Tom Brady engineered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Coming back from a 25-point deficit, the Patriots made history in the 4th quarter, forcing the game into overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history. After 3 quarters of a stalled offense and dodgy defense, the receivers finally started catching passes and Tom became more accurate. Julian Edelman made a circus catch that usually the other team makes against the Pats. Dont'a Hightower made a strip sack on Matt Ryan. Patriots ball! The Pats won the coin toss and James White ran the ball in. Yahoo! :)

This game was special for Tom. His mother has been ill for over a year (the scarf on her head indicates she's receiving chemo) and the stress of that and the witch hunt finally got to him. He fell to his knees after the game and there were tears in his eyes.

Bill Belichick now has 5 rings as a Head Coach, 2 as a Defensive Coordinator. He passed the Steelers' Chuck Knoll with 4. Tom is the first player to win 5 rings, surpassing Montana and Bradshaw. He threw for a record 466 yards.

Roger Goodell was booed off the stage as the Lombardi Trophy was presented. The Pats kept things classy (no one punched Weasel Goodell in the mouth) and Tom did again this morning receiving the Super Bowl MVP trophy. However, I'm sure his Irish ancestry (shared with me) quietly agreed with the old joke: What do you call Irish Alhzeimer's? The ability to never forget a wrong done to you.



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AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots 36, PIttsburgh Steelers 17 (2-0) (16-2) (Sunday, January 22, 2017)

*dances* *twirls* *dips* *sashays*

The Pats are on to the Super Bowl!!! :)

It's the 9th time in franchise history and the 7th under Brady/Belichick. It was a GREAT game!

The first half was a bit tight, but the Steelers couldn't punch the ball into the endzone. The Pats weren't flawless but they had a comfortable lead by halftime and never looked back. Chris Hogan was incredible and so was Julian Edelman in the receiving corps. The O-line did its job. Dion Lewis scampered around and LeGarrette Blount bulled his way forward, carrying half the Steelers' DBs with him! Kicker Gostkowski did miss an extra point (after a steady second half of the season) so that's a tad worrisome, but hopefully he won't do so again in the Super Bowl. Otherwise he was right on the money.

Tom was fantastic. He was sharp and shining, though he will hear about his fumble on a quarterback sneak. Luckily he retained possession of the ball! Tsk, tsk, Tommy!

It became blow-out territory by the second half and was a game in which Pats fans didn't have to hold their breath 'til the last second! :)

We're on to Atlanta (in Houston)! The Falcons crushed the Packers in their Championship Game, and it's gonna be tough. Atlanta has a stout defense and great offense, but bring it on! Tom and the Patriots are going for Ring No. 5!

Oh, Marty Bennett! Dancing with the cheerleaders after the game. Sign this guy up! :)

Gillette Stadium rang with cheers of "Brady, Brady, Brady!" and "Where's Roger?" as the Commish once again showed his cowardice by not showing up.

We are enjoying this run for we shall not see its like again.
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Divisional Round: New England Patriots 34, Houston Texans 16 (1-0) (15-2) (Saturday, January 14, 2017)

What a crazy football game! The Pats beat the spread (18 over 17-point spread) but as Belichick and Brady emphasized, they have to do better. Tom threw 2 INTs, matching his record for the entire season! The offense simply could not get in rhythm. Dion Lewis was a perfect example: he was trick-or-treat all night: he fumbled twice (lost one, a teammate recovered the other), but he set a playoff record of running for a TD, caught a pass for one, and ran a kick-off return for a third. He dazzled as he made playoff history, and also made franchise history with the 98-yard return. Of course, the coaches will focus on the fumbles on Monday. :)

Special teams featured steady reliability by the kicker and an above-average performance by punter Ryan Allen, the spectacular kick-off return by Lewis, but also Lewis' fumble that gave the Texans points. Trick-or-treat!

The defense saved the O's bacon by grabbing 3 INTs in the second half. Whew! They came through.

DB Eric Rowe committed a stupid penalty that allowed points scored by Houston. Boy, did Belichick lace into him! Patriots aren't supposed to do stupid.

Julian Edelman surpassed Wes Welker for the most playoff receptions (76 over 69) in Patriots history.

Brady and Belichick were grumpy because they knew if they had played a better team, they'd have been bounced. Hopefully they can come out stronger next week. Ha, if you didn't know who won the game, listening to their pressers, you would have thought they lost! :)

Expectations are high. Most teams would be giddy with an 18-point win after coughing up the ball 3 times. but our team knows better. I was nervous about this game with all the pundits predicting a walkover by the Pats, but I knew the Texans could win if the Pats beat themselves, and it looked as if they were doing just that in the first half. Fortunately the second half was much better!

Next week, either Pittsburgh or Kansas City come to Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship Game. It's the Patriots' 6th straight AFCGG, an NFL record, and Tom's 32nd playoff game, also a record. Guess the scurrilous plot against Tom didn't work after all.

EDIT: Pittsburgh comes to Gillette next week!
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Week 11: New England Patriots 30, San Francisco 49ers 17 (8-2) Sunday, November 20, 2016)

A Jekyll-and-Hyde game! First half, the Pats were flat as pancakes. The second half, Tom ignited the offense. One amazing throw was completed while he was falling onto his back! He threw for 4 touchdowns, and LaGarrette Blount broke 100 yards in this game. Tom is now tied for 199 wins as a starting quarterback with Brett Favre. His next win ties him at 200 with Peyton Manning.

It was the first time Tom has played as a pro in San Francisco. His hometown is San Mateo is mere minutes away from the stadium. Julian Edelman is also from the same area. They both had family and friends in the stands, as well as so many Pats fans, it sounded like a home game! Even Coach Belichick commented that New England fans travel well. A grand homecoming! :)

The defense showed some improvement but needs a LOT of work. Right now they're the Achilles' heel of this team. Hopefully they can straighten things out.

The Bills and Dolphins won and the Jets were on their bye week.


NE 8-2
Miami 6-4
BUFF 5-5
NYJ 3-7 (Bye)
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Week 5: New England Patriots 33, Cleveland Browns 13 (4-1) (Sunday, October 9, 2016)

Tommy's baaaaack!!!!!

Fvck you, Goodell, and your slimy cabal of conniving NFL owners. Brady's back and hell's comin' with him!

Rust? What rust? Tom and the offense looked sharp for the most part. Some sputtering but mostly drives ending up with points. The defense was way better this week. Rob Ninkovich was back and making a difference at linebacker. Punter Ryan Allen was sharp again, but our kicker missed another field goal. WTF is wrong with him?

Martellus Bennett scored a hat trick, Gronk bulled his way down the field, and Chris Hogan was spectacular. Julian? His usual sparkplug self. :) James White was makin' moves.

Belichick took Tom out with 6 minutes to go! Jimmy G. came in for mop-up duty.

The Browns are going through quarterbacks like nobody's business. They went through two today! The third managed not to get hurt. That's in addition to the two QBs they lost in the first two weeks. Yeesh!

Lots of Pats fans in Cleveland's stadium. They cheered Brady's return all day! Sounded like a home game! :)

Tom threw for 406 yards and 3 TDs and had a 128 QB rating.

The Jets lost, 31-13, to Pittsburgh and the Dolphins lost, 30-17, to Tennessee. The Bills are out in L.A. to play the Rams so I'll update their status later. EDIT: The Bills won.


NE 4-1
BUFF 3-2
Miami 1-4
NYJ 1-4

Next week: we're on to Cincinnati! :)
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Week 4: Buffalo Bills 16, New England Patriots 0 (3-1) (Sunday, October 2, 2016)

Stink, stank, stunk!

O was abysmal. If anything, ST was worse. D couldn't stop anybody. Poor Jacoby. The rookie came down to earth.

Except for Julian's 90-yard run on the first play from scrimmage that was called back, there was pretty much no excitement in this game for a Pats fan. Awful, awful, and more awful. First shut-out at home since 1993. First shut-out at Gillette EVAH!

All the wiseacres ready to ship Tom out of town because looky what Bill can do with a third-string quarterback got a reality check today. Great coaches need great quarterbacks, period!

Hated losing to Loudmouth Rex at home but the Pats will be meeting them again soon. And the Dolphins and Jets lost this week, so that's a bonus! :)

Next week, Tom's return against the Cleveland Browns!


NE 3-1
BUFF 2-2
Miami 1-3
NYJ 1-3
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Week 3: New England Patriots 27, Houston Texans 0 (3-0) (Thursday, September 22, 2016)

What a clinic Bill Belichick put on! Using his 3rd-string quarterback, he and his coaching staff crafted a stellar gameplan which was well-executed by his players. Jacoby Brisett is a raw rookie with almost no NFL experience, yet he didn't turn the ball over and even scored a rushing TD of 41 yards, longest TD run by a quarterback since Steve Grogan in '78.

Houston was coached by former Patriots staffer Bill O'Brien, but he looked gobsmacked for most of the game. Unimaginative playcalling, a shaky quarterbabk, and turnovers on special teams contributed to the rout. J.J. Watt was subpar as he's recovering from back surgery, but he's always non-existent against us.

The Patriots defense redeemed themselves after being so awful in the second half last week by being incredibly stout this week and creating turnovers, pitching a shut-out for the first time since 2012. Punter Ryan Allen was outstanding, continually pinning the Texans around their one-yard line. Offense wasn't great but did the job without turnovers.

*sigh* Now people are saying Tom isn't great because BB can win with anybody. Show me either Jimmy or Jacoby come back from being down 14 points in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to win it all and we'll talk, folks.

Jacoby has a sprained thumb, so whether he'll be under center next Sunday against Buffalo is uncertain.

Interesting stat: the Pats are 77-0 at home at Gillette when leading at halftime!

AFC East Division:

NE 3-0
BUFF 1-2
Miami 1-2 (OT)
NYJ 1-2

P.S. Looks like the Red Sox will make the playoffs! They ere RED-HOT!!! :)
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Week 1: New England Patriots 23, Arizona Cardinals 21 (1-0) (Sunday, September 11, 2016)

Could the Patriots go on the road up against one of the best teams in the AFC without their unjustly-suspended star quarterback (subbed by a guy who has seen little regular-season action in his career), injured All-World tight end, two stalwarts of the offensive line, and various bumps and bruises?


Jimmy Garoppolo didn't wilt under the bright lights. He did make some mistakes, but that's to be expected. Nothing boneheaded, anyway, and while the secondary got burned by Larry Fitzgerald, the guy's a Hall-of-Famer.

Otherwise the offense moved efficiently and Jimmy G. was very comfortable with Julian Edelman to start as his primary receiver. He did spread the ball around and threw for a TD. He even caught his own ball! Ha! Guess Giselle was wrong ("My husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time!"). ;)

The Pats were dominant in the first half but the Cardinals woke up in the second half and came close to winning the game. Not easy-peasy but still showcased Coach Bill Belichick's preparation skills and that of his staff. It also spotlighted the skill of the players as they executed the game plan.

Jimmy G. will probably have his ups-and-downs. The more film there is on a newbie, the more likely that opposing defensive coaches can find a way to slow him down or even stop him. Guys like Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III were the Next Big Thing, but they've flamed out. Kaepernick is better known now for sitting down while the national anthem plays and RGIII lasted one game before being put on IR for the season.

The pundits were almost universal in picking the Cardinals to win. So much for punditry! :)

Tom watched the game from his couch and congratulated Jimmy and the team on the win. Giselle posted a photo of Tom throwing her the football in their backyard. It's a Brady World! :)

Everyone in the AFC East Division except for the Pats lost yesterday. Guess that opportunity to grab the division crown from the Pats is hit a speed bump. :)

AFC East Division:

NE 1-0
BUFF 0-1
Miami 0-1
NYJ 0-1


Sep. 8th, 2016 09:11 pm
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So as the 2016 season opens, the greatest quarterback in the game will be sitting out a quarter of the season for NOTHING!!!

Think about that for a minute. A QUARTER OF THE SEASON. No proof. The Ideal Gas Law deflated the footballs in thw 2015 AFC Championship. The NFL haven't released any air measurements from last season. What does this suggest to you?

Yes, I'm biased, I'm a New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan, but even if I wasn't, I can recognize a frame-up when I see it.

If you are interested in the anatomy of a smear and a frame-up,

Read on )

So there you have it, a man who's always done things right, has an exemplary work ethic, never had a violation, declared his innocence under oath, and received a harsher penalty than Ray Rice, who knocked his then-fiance out cold in an elevator (Rice received 2 games before the tape was shown and people vilified NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell), and received the same penalty (4 games) as Greg Hardy, who beat up his girlfriend and threw her on a futon loaded with assault rifles, then dragged her by the hair and threw her into the bathtub anf choked her). Just recently Giants kicker Josh Brown, guilty of beating his wife multiple times, was given a 1-game suspension even though the rule is 6 games for domestic violence offenses.

That is justice in the NFL: lies, no evidence, deception, and envy sacrificing the face of the NFL. It's like the NBA Commissioner dragging an innocent LeBron through the mud. 

The Patriots have placed Tom's number on top of the lighthouse in Gillette Stadium and have hung a banner with his oicture. Let's hope Pats fans scream "Brady, Brady, Brady!" and "Go to hell, Goodell!" every home game. The networks will go crazy muffling the latter chant. They probably won't show the banner on TV. Too afraid of the NFL.
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(Preseason) Week 1: New England Patriots 34, New Orleans Saints 22 (1-0) (Thursday, August 11, 2016)

Preseason has begun! This year is a little different as Tom has been railroaded into losing a quarter of his season and back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will start the first 4 games of the season, so he needs a lot of work.

The heat index was 103 last night. Jimmy G. performed so-so: not great but not badly, either. He's only played in preseason games his three years in the league and occasional mop-up duty in the regular season, so he made a couple of bonehead plays but made some good decisions, too. And it's unfair to compare Jimmy to the Greatest Of All Time. He's going to suffer in comparison.

The offense showed some spark and WR Malcolm Mitchell provided a lot of it but dislocated his elbow. He will be back sometime this season, though.

The defense caused 3 turnovers and did some other good things.

All in all, for a first preseason game, not too bad. Tom, Gronk and Jules did not play. Tom was not even on the sidelines as he had permission to attend a funeral.

The Saints had come into Foxboro for joint practices and the Bears come in next.

Olympic Note: Head Coach Bill Belichick wore a Nate Ebner jersey to practice and cut practice short so that the team could watch their teammate score a goal for the U.S. rugby team! :)
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Hi, luvs!

I made my annual trek down to Foxboro with a couple of friends this year. OF COURSE it was as hot as blue blazes, as Dad used to say. :) It was 95 degrees and high in humidity. Everyone was melting. The place was crowded, and my buds and I had to go up on the hill instead of the bleachers because when we got there at 9:15 (practice started at that time), every bleacher seat was already gone. Crazy! We found a good spot up by a tree and had some shade, which was a godsend!

We cheered and chanted, "Brady! Brady! Brady!" for our quarterback, who is being forced to sit out a QUARTER OF THE SEASON FOR NOTHING!!! I plan on making a post about that sorry situation before the season begins. >:( Anyway, Tom was there, looking gorgeous as always. I think he was a tad disgruntled about having to share first-team reps but he understands that his back-up, Jimmy Garoppolo (another hottie, I kid you not), needs to get ready because he's the starter for the first four games. Everyone was a little lethargic on this first day as the heat was unbearable.

We saw the usual training stuff, and enjoyed watching 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. Tom looked good and Jimmy G. wasn't bad. Hopefully the plot against the Patriots fails miserably this season as Coach Belichick and the team forge ahead. It would be the ultimate payback if they won the Super Bowl again this year (No. 5 for Tom!).

When we decided to leave when practice was over, I stood up a little too fast and got dizzy and had to sit down again. We had stayed hydrated but the sun did give me a touch of heatstroke. Once I rested for a minute I was good to go. I think my recent health problems probably contributed.

Anyway, a hot but interesting day. Usually I eat a First Down Frank sold at the concession stand but the thought of a hot dog in the excessive heat did not appeal to me, so I had brought a plain hamburger roll and ate that as a snack with my bottled water. Yep, bread 'n' water! :)

We stopped on the way home after cooling off in the car's a.c. and had a proper lunch. Back home I hopped in the shower and relaxed the rest of the day on my deck, reading and drinking more water. I felt fine by the end of the day.

So begins the 2016 training camp season!
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Week 16: New York Jets 26, New England Patriots 20 (OT) (12-3) (Sunday, December 27, 2015)

Very dull game, mostly, though the Pats' defense did come up with a scoop-and-run after Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball. That was an awesome touchdown! :) Also TDs by Gronk and James White. Unfortunately, the offense really never got into much of a rhythm (couldn't convert a third down to save their lives) until the fourth quarter when Tom marched them down the field to tie the game.

When the game went to overtime, Belichick had so little faith in his offense (riddled with injuries) that he elected to kick off instead of receive after winning the coin toss. The Jets scored a touchdown on their first possession and it was all over.

Very lackluster game except at the end. They could have won home field advantage throughout the playoffs if they'd won this game but now have to hope they can beat the Dolphins in Miami next Sunday.

The Bills won and the Dolphins lost.


New England 12-3
NYJ 10-5
Buffalo 7-8
Miami 5-10
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Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles 35, New England Patriots 28 (10-2) (Sunday, December 6, 2015)

What a game of insipid awfulness! In the beginning, all was well as the Pats were up 14-0, but a boneheaded pooch punt backfired and gave the Eagles a spark as they ultimately ran back a blocked punt for a TD, an endzone INT for a 99-yard touchdown, and a punt return for a TD. The offense stunk it up, letting up the 99-yard pick-six and not coming awake until late in the fourth quarter. The defense had their woes. Special teams really took the cake with those two punting disasters. The team took the crappy Eagles too lightly and paid the price, though incredibly enough, they came close to winning the game late! Even Bill Belichick and the coaching staff fell down on the job this one. You DON'T lose AT HOME against an opponent that had 45 points scored on them in each of their last two games!!!

Let's hope they show more zip against Houston next week!

Everyone else in the AFC East won their games.

AFC East Division

New England 10-2
NYJ 7-5
Buffalo 6-6
Miami 5-7
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Week 2: New England Patriots 40, Buffalo Bills 32 (2-0) (Sunday, September 20, 2015)

The Patriots and Tom were spectacular in this Week 2 game. Tom threw for 466 yards, the most ever against the Bills in their history, and also threw for 3 TDs and attempted passes 59 times. It was his 100th game in which he threw at least 1 TD and no INTs, the first QB in history to do. Gronk once again got a touchdown, and two Bills’ DBs yelled at each other after the score. It was the same formation that the Pats used just last week! Awesome sauce! ;)

The crowd was really hyped up at the beginning of the game, because that’s what their head coach, Rex Ryan, is good at: getting his players and fans hyped up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t play well week-to-week in the National Football League unless you deliver success. So far Sexy Rexy hasn’t. He’s a great Defensive Coordinator. Head Coach? Not so much.

Julian Edelman got 11 catches again this week and a TD. Dion Lewis ran for another TD. The offense was steamrolling the Bills after a bit of a slow start. And the Bills began to creep back into the game in the second half but the Patriots crushed their last hopes with an interception. Three rookies played on the Pats’ offensive line against a Bills’ defensive line with 4 first-round picks and $250 million dollars in salary.

Man, Gronk and Jules are firecrackers! Gronk is the big cherry bomb and Julian is the small, sassy sparkler! ;)

Tom is on a mission, along with Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots. After Tom’s name was dragged through the mud all off-season, he learned who his friends were. He and the Patriots will lay waste to the rest of the NFL if the stars and planets align just right. Beware Avenging Patriots! ;)

The Pats beat the Bills and the Dolphins lost to the Jaguars while the Jets won, so the division looks like this:

New England 2-0
NYJ 2-0
Buffalo 1-1
Miami 1-1

Next week: the Jacksonville Jaguars come to Gillette Stadium!
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Hi, luvs!

On Tom Brady’s birthday (38 and lookin’ yummy!), I’m posting this entry. :)

I made my annual trip down to Foxboro to attend Patriots’ training camp. Naturally, it was literally on the hottest day of the year! I baked like a lobster, but thank heavens for air-conditioning in my car on the way home.

It was great fun despite the heat. It was the first day of camp, and Tom Brady got a rousing standing ovation and chants of “Brady! Brady! Brady!” several times throughout the three-hour session. He looked sharp and his back-up Jimmy Garropolo was splitting reps with him with the first team. Team owner Robert Kraft was cheered after his blistering salvo against the NFL a few days prior, but I have to wait and see if he’ll change his mind again and cozy up to Commissioner Goodell. He can’t quite grasp the fact that Goodell is NOT his friend. How many times must Lucy yank away the football before Charlie Brown gets it?

There were some trick plays with Tom catching passes that had everyone roaring with approval. For the first day of camp, players looked pretty good, and there will be lots of improvement before Opening Night in September. If Brady has to sit that game out, fans are urging Kraft not to raise the championship banner until he comes back.

My water bottle was handy but of course after three hours in the sun the cold water was warm, but it was wet. I had a First Down Frank but really wasn’t very hungry after that. I did enjoy watching Julian Edelman and Gronk and Malcolm Butler do their thing, and kept my binoculars trained on Tommy often. ;)

If I feel like it, I may do an entry before the season starts laying out the case of the NFL going after Brady and smearing their greatest player with trumped-up charges. He may be guilty as sin, but they have no hard evidence. And, yeah, I’m biased, I’m a fan, but the facts are pretty glaring.

Watch a sting operation at work )
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Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24 (3-0) (Sunday, February 1, 2015)


My boys did it! They got ring No. 4 for Tommy and it was a crazy game!

Tom now has 4 Super Bowl rings as a starting quarterback, tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. He is the only starting quarterback with 6 Super Bowl appearances. He passed Joe Montana for most Super Bowl touchdowns (13, with 4 last night) and threw 20 complete passes in the first half, a Super Bowl record.

Julian Edelman was sparkling, Gronk fantastic, and JoJo LaFell did his part. Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Devin McCourty and LeVar Arrington were stellar for most of the game (some gaffes, but the same could be said of the offense). Undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler made the game-winning interception at the very end. Whew! Wasn't looking good there for a bit! :)

Bill Belichick ties Chuck Noll of the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins as a Head Coach. He has two other rings as a Defensive Coordinator for the Giants.

Rob Ninkovich, Jamie Collins, Vince Wilfork, Shane Vereen...the list goes on and on as guys 'did their job'. And, man, was it sweet that Roger Dodger (Goodell) had to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft, his old buddy who he left to twist in the wind for two weeks. Kraft barely spoke to him. Oh, and there's been a recent report that the deflated footballs were at the minimum after all, only one below standard. I doubt that will be leading the evening news, eh? The haters are stewing in their own bile!

I love Manning Face when Peyton Manning effs up or reacts to his teammates' mistakes, and now there's Sherman Face. The Seahawks were celebrating a little early with nine minutes to go. Tsk, tsk! It ain't over 'til it's over, boys!

Tom said he learned who his friends were these past weeks. I think he was shocked at the amount of hate and venom directed at him and he's never been an a-hole like some stars. He had a cold and looked absolutely wrung out at the end of the game. The Arizona weather was taking a toll on everyone.

You can bet the team wanted to win this one not just for themselves, but for Tommy and Bill. They saw what had happened last week and they must have gotten fed up. It must feel extra-good this morning to wake up as Super Bowl champs.

It's a big question as to why the Seahawks just didn't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the end instead of throwing it. That's a puzzler, all right!

It's snowing like crazy here and we don't care. :) The parade may have to be delayed a day, but get the duckboats out! There will be a parade again through the city of Boston, my friends! Whoo hoo! *dances joyfully*
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I am writing this while looking out through my balcony doors, which have two feet of snow piled up against them, driven by the hurricane-level winds. I can barely see the backyard. The wind has been howling since midnight and the Governor instituted a travel ban, so only essential personnel can be out driving. It's days like this that I'm glad I don't live on the coast! They're getting hammered.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft upped the ante last night. After arriving in Phoenix, he started the press conference with a statement adamantly declaring innocence and backing his head coach and quarterback to the hilt. He also took a shot across the bow of the NFL by telling them to stop leaking information and come out with a report. He expects an apology to his team, especially Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, if no definitive evidence is found that they tampered with footballs.

After a week of talking about balls, the story may end with a video given by the Patriots to the NFL. It shows the ball boy taking the bag of balls (both Pats and Colts footballs) and going into a room, which turned out to be the bathroom! He was in there for 90 seconds. A big doubtful that he could let the air out of 12 footballs in 90 seconds! Guess what he was doing in there? Yep, using the bathroom before the game! Sheesh!

If the Pats are lying, they are taking a HUGE risk by all these statements. It wouldn't surprise me if they were (nothing much surprises me anymore), but they sound pretty convincing. Of course, the haters are gonna hate no matter what, but as Tom said, you find out who your friends are during something like this. Drew Bledsoe, the guy he replaced in 2001 but remained friends with, stuck up for him publicly this week, and so did other former Patriots and some non-Pats. It's been reported that Seattle is a little nervous that the Patriots might band together so well against the storm (ha, ha!) that they could be breathing fire next Sunday. :)


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