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Ready for our Amazing Amazon? :)

I'll be hosting my final BradyGirl_12 Challenge on [community profile] wonderwomanlove and Wonderwomanlove (LJ), my comms dedicated to the Amazing Amazon. Check 'em out and join up! Truly, history will be made with the release of this film, and hopefully we've got a lot of fannish inspiration coming our way. :) Details on the Challenge soon, and [personal profile] ctbn60 has already created a fantastic banner, ready for all participants. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, some WW links for you: (One wonders who greenlights these things. The Clueless Train chugs along!) (I knew Wonder Woman's creator lived for years as part of a menage a trois and his bondage tastes, but this really goes in-depth into his connection to the 1910s Women's Movement. Might be why the movie has been set during WWI because of the vitality of the Movement.)
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Hi, luvs! Before I logged off I changed the layouts and profile pix for my three comms, [ profile] wonderwomanlove, [ profile] guns_fedoras, and [ profile] station_51. All have appropriate autumn themes, just as my personal LJ does, and wait'll next month! There's some new Halloween layouts I can use, whoo hoo! :)

Simple pleasures, but isn't that part of life's joy? :)
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Hi, luvs! After New Year’s I’ll be posting my annual Fic Tally: number of stories, word count, what pairings I wrote most or least, etc. I’ll also be ruminating on my writing goals for the past year and looking forward. First, though, a few thoughts on the Challenges I host:

Thinky thoughts )

Thanks to all who participate in these Challenges! I wouldn’t host them if people didn’t enjoy them, so I’m tickled pink that people have fun! And many thanks to all who have made banners for each Challenge, especially [ profile] ctbn60 who has done yeoman’s work the last few years.
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Hi, luvs! Quickie reminders:

The 2011 DCU Fic/Art Silver-'N'-Gold Winter Holidays Challenge and the 2011 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Fic/Art Winter Holidays Challenges officially end on January 1, 2012 and the grace period for late entries is January 31, 2012, so you still have plenty of time to be 'official' for these Challenges! If the holidays have just got you in a tizzy, here's some leeway! :)

The 2011 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art 70th Anniversary Celebration Challenge ends on December 31, 2011 without any grace period because the Challenge has been up for twelve months! :)

I'd love to see people add their fanworks to the A03 Collections and Subcollections I've set up:
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Hi, luvs! If you’re uploading your works (or have already done so) to A03 and would like to add the works you’ve written for my various Challenges, there are now collections created for you to do so. It’s easy to do; just go into editing mode if you’ve already uploaded or while you’re putting in your work for the first time and go to the Collections line. There are three collections for your works:

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges

Wonder Woman Love Challenges

Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Challenges

Each collection also has subcollections, where you can submit a work at the same time you put it in the main collection. All subcollections are sorted by year. For example, my DCU Challenges have the following subcollections: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 (with 2012 waiting in the wings). So when you place your work in the main collection, you will also find choices of subcollections and can choose the year of the particular Challenge in which you submitted your work. Since I host so many Challenges, it made sense to sort them by year instead of individual Challenges.

You’ll find my works in there as I’ve started uploading stories. The Archive accepts other fanworks beside stories, BTW.

The subcollections are sorted the same way for [ profile] wonderwomanlove and [ profile] guns_fedoras.

For the Additional Tags field, I’m using the following:

Community: BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges

Community: Wonder Woman Love Challenges

Community: Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Challenges

These tags have not been wrangled so if you would like to add those to your work, you have to type out the whole thing. I’m hoping they will become ‘official’ soon. ;)

You will also see Collection: BradyGirl_12 Fic Prompt/Request Fills pop up in the Collections field since I created that for all the stories I’ve written in response to my Fic Prompt Requests. That collection will contain only my stories.
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Hi, luvs! The day after Halloween is always a little sad, isn't it? The decorations look a little wilted and shabby in the light of day, and the frost is on the pumpkin. Literally here in the Northeast after that monster storm Saturday!

Challenge reminders: the 2011 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is open 'til November 30th, so if you have something that you weren't quite able to post before the holiday, here's your chance! :)

I'm very pleased with the success of this Challenge! Thanks to all who participated! :)

Also, only two months left for the 2011 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art 70th Anniversary Celebration Challenge. We've had some quality contributions but I'm a little disappointed that this year-long Challenge didn't generate more entries. But there's still time if you want to honor the Amazing Amazon!

Speaking of Challenges, I usually have one for the Winter Holidays up by now and November 1st as the start date but was so bizzy with Big Bangs and other projects that I never got to it. How about it? You guys interested in a BradyGirl_12-style Winter Holidays Challenge?
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Hi, luvs! Thanks for all the well wishes as I sat out the storm. As reported, just minor damage, more a nuisance than anything else, and I still have power! The winds weren't even that high, which is good, because after all the rain, the trees were primed for trouble.

I'll be doing 'housekeeping' duties here on LJ by changing the layout of [ profile] wonderwomanlove, putting out notices about the current Challenges and updating the Classic Fic Of The Month! :) I already changed the layout of my LJ and put up a brand-new icon for my Profile. Thanks to [ profile] ctbn60 for the lovelies! :)

A quickie Big Bang update for you. Looks like I'll easily reach the 10,000-word minimum for this one, happy to say! :) It's about half-finished. I might tighten up the rest because of all my other projects, but the stuff I cut out won't short-change the story. This first draft is due on October 1st, so I have to keep up the pace! :)

I'm not sure what I'll be doing this year for my 5th LJ Anniversary in October. Usually I take requests but with all my writing commitments...well, maybe I'll take a limited number of requests, six or so. What do you guys think?

Days 20-22: (For The Day: 1 Chapter Completed) (Total: 11 Chapters Completed)

Written: (8/16/11-8/18/11) Update Posted: (8/29/11)

9833 / 10000 words. 98% done!

9833 / 20000 words. 49% done!

Comm Rec

Jan. 24th, 2009 06:08 pm
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Well, I've been busy pimping other comms, so I figured, why not mine? LOL! I've gotten quite a few new people on my flist so I thought I'd just do a quick description:

[ profile] wonderwomanlove is for all things Wonder Woman. We accept fic, art, manips, icons, articles, news, and a bunch of other stuff! :) We welcome femslash, het, and gen. If you're not familiar with Diana, there are links to lead you to information on her, and if you haven't visited with her awhile, you might want to re-acquaint yourself! :)

We had a successful 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge that consisted of a prompt per month, and there's a nice collection of varied work to see there.

With the new animated Wonder Woman movie coming out in a few months, there could be more material to work with, too! :)

Anyway, if you're interested in a Wonderful time, come check us out! ;)
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Recently [ profile] wonderwomanlove celebrated its first anniversary as a community, and I just want to give my flist an urging to keep the Amazing Amazon in your thoughts! Lots of great Challenges out there (including the ones I'm currently running, heh heh) and she could fit into quite a few of them
(Bondage, anyone?)
. ;)

If you have any contributions, please don't hesitate to post over there! Tagging's easy and we're a friendly little group! :)

There's many comms for the other 2/3 of the Trinity, but we are the primary one for Wonder Woman. We are unique unto ourselves, and welcome all facets of Diana.

On a personal note, I was so pleased to receive so many Steve/Diana fics and art for my birthday, as it's nice to read stories about this couple that I haven't written! :) And, please, don't wait for my next birthday if you get an idea with these two! ;)

I also was very happy to receive my favorite femslash pairing of Diana/Dinah, and Bruce/Dick! So many of my favorites came my way! :)
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Title: Offering (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Diana
Genres: Challenge, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Diana as Dionysus.
Date Of Completion: September 25, 2008
Date Of Posting: September 27, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 159
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written to celebrate the first anniversary of [ profile] wonderwomanlove (shared with my birthday ;) ) and for the 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge (September). Prompt: Wine.

She was the promise of pleasure, of revelry, her dark hair spilling over her breasts as flowers and vines twined through her hair. )
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This Saturday, September 27th, is the first anniversary of [ profile] wonderwomanlove. If you have a Wonderful idea, now’s the time to post! And, oh, we’ll take any contributions after that date, too. ;)
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Time for the new month's prompt for the Challenge over on [ profile] wonderwomanlove!

As April showers have been drumming on my roof today, I came up with the prompt, 'rain'. ;) Could be sad or cozy or whatever you want!

The 'official' dates for posting are from the 1st of the month to the end, but if you have fic or art that is completed after the deadline, go ahead and post! Only a month to conceive of, write/draw, and post a fic/artwork can be pretty short, so consider the deadlines just to help you focus! ;)

The rules are simple:

A one-word (or possibly two or three) prompt will be issued and requesting fiction, art, icons, and manips to be posted on your journal and linked here (and you can post here at the comm if you prefer that).

Tag the entry with 'challenge', the month, and the prompt in addition to any other necessary tags.

Using the usual header:

Genres can range from happy to drama to comedy to hurt/comfort and so on...

Femslash, het, and gen welcome.

Any rating!

Any length fic-wise, from drabbles to novels! ;)

As always, Wonder Woman is the focus as we attempt to generate some new creativity for the New Year! :)

2008 April Prompt: Rain

Runs: April 1-30, 2008
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Have you resolved to write (more) Diana fic in 2008?

Have you resolved to draw (more) Diana in 2008?

Want to write Diana in femslash, het, or gen settings?

Interested in variety and spice-of-life?

Check out [ profile] wonderwomanlove for a new prompt Challenge each month! February's prompt is up!

It's a new year, so if you've been thinking of more Amazonian fun in your fannish life, here's your chance! ;)
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Have you resolved to write (more) Diana fic in 2008?

Have you resolved to draw (more) Diana in 2008?

Want to write Diana in femslash, het, or gen settings?

Interested in variety and spice-of-life?

Check out [ profile] wonderwomanlove for a new prompt Challenge each month! January's prompt is up!

It's a new year, so if you've been thinking of more Amazonian fun in your fannish life, here's your chance! ;)
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Today is a special anniversary: it’s been a whole week since I created [ profile] wonderwomanlove! LOL!

But it’s been cool to see how people have been joining almost daily, and we’ve gotten a lot of fic posted! All varieties and all fun! We also welcome artists (illos, icons, and manips).

Wonder Woman is like Aphrodite: she loves to love! ;)
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I was pleased to see that we've got some hot Amazon lovin' over at [ profile] wonderwomanlove! Yippee! ;)

It's always fun to start a new comm and see how it develops, and this is a great start!

*goes off for a cold shower* ;)
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Wonder Woman is Love! So are the Amazons! :)

Hmm, I was thinking of a way to perhaps expand my horizons on my Steve/Diana fic, so I created a new LJ community, [ profile] wonderwomanlove to see if I could do just that, but it’s not just for that pairing. I’m interested in stories starring Diana that also include femslash (I’ll be posting a Diana/Dinah fic I wrote awhile ago), other het pairings, threesomes (considering her creator, Dr. William Moulton Marston, was in a lifelong ménage a trois, it’s very apropos!), etc. I thought immediately of the Trinity: Clark/Bruce/Diana! :) Or an all-female threesome!

Anyway, if you’d like to check things out, click on over to [ profile] wonderwomanlove. If you’ve got Dianafic that you’ve only posted to your journal or would like to add yet another outlet, [ profile] wonderwomanlove is the place! Also, looking forward to new stuff! ;)

Amazons strike me as 'free love' types, so it’ll be a pretty freewheeling community. Please, spread the love! Let people know about this new LJ comm! See you over there! ;)


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