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Yesterday was my annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Saints Bill and Tom, who are fresh off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. :) Fitting, as the weather was very autumnal, with the day being cool, breezy and cloudy, a huge improvement over last year's humid 100 degrees.

15,000 of us made the trek to Gillette Stadium. That meant I didn't get near the bleachers (third year in a row) and had to climb up the hill, but got a great viewing spot under a shady tree and used my binoculars for close-ups of the field.

Yep, saw Tom, who doesn't look like a guy who's gonna hit 40 in a week! :) He was sharp in drills, too, and Gronk spiked a ball after a touchdown. :) Newcomer Brandin Cooks looks very good in the offense, so it appears he isn't lost in this complex scheme. Coach Belichick was there spinning his whistle, barking out commands, and reveling in being at the top of his game.

Both back-up QBs looked pretty good, though Jimmy G. ended up with two INTs and had to run a lap with the center after a botched hand-off. Jacoby Brissett has healed from his thumb surgery and was less accurate, but not by much. He has a lot of promise.

It was a very festive atmosphere with a lot of Brady jerseys (and Gronk and Edelman and so on), and they added a few new vendor stations this year. Unfortunately, they also added security check with bag inspection. Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to check fans' bags just to enter training camp. *shakes head*

I brought some slices of bread and my own water, not wanting to pay the jacked-up prices, and it worked out fine. I do wish I could get a bleacher seat like the old days, but I refuse to come hours early before the gates open. I have a long enough drive as it is early in the morning to get here, so I'll make do with the hill.

All in all, very excited about football season! It officially kicks off in September, but training camp is an unofficial opening. The Pats will hold joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, and I bet the Jags don't see 15,000 people at their training camp! :) They are also holding joint practices with the Houston Texans at their camp and the Detroit Lions back here at Gillette.

The Texans and Dallas Cowboys clear out of Texas in the summer. Smart move! They hold their camps out-of-state to escape the godawful Texas heat.

So, yay, football is back! :)
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Hi, luvs!

I just realized that it's close to my 10th anniversary here on LJ. I created this journal on October 24, 2006, made my first post on November 12th, and my first fic posting on November 21st (Announcement I: The Ready Room), introducing myself to the DC Comics community here on-line. Little did I know the friends I would make and the prolific writing in my future! Good times, good times. :)

I don't know if I'll come up with something for the anniversary, but I wanted to acknowledge it to all my friends here on my f-list, and who have stuck around when a lot of people took off for shinier baubles platforms. A big THANK YOU to all the people who have encouraged me during low points, celebrated with me in good times, and helped me with gifting me with paid accounts and extra icon userpics, which has really made life here more fun. :)

I've had a great time reading, writing, and hosting my Challenges over the years, too. The 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is my next-to-last Challenge, as I'm seriously considering doing something special for Wonder Woman next year to commemorate her first ever live-action movie. That will be my grand final Challenge and how better to do it than with one of my all-time favorite characters? :) I'm pretty proud of the many Challenges I've hosted (Complete List here) and another big THANK YOU to all who contributed during these past ten years.

It's been a rainy morning with plenty of fog, but we need the rain after a summer of drought. The leaves are turning bright colors and my sister and I are going to the orchard tomorrow to get fresh apples (can't get any fresher!). Life is good. Enjoy your weekend, my friends! :)
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Hi, luvs!

As you can see by the icon on this post, I am busy utilizing my userpic packages and gathering more cool pix to showcase. I can't resist Clark using his heat vision to cook the hot dogs and burgers on the grill. :)

Speaking of cook-outs, I did attend one over the weekend with the requisite menu: hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, garden salad, chips, dips, pickles, know, good stuff! :) Everything tastes better on the grill!

P.S. To get the full effect, check this post out on my journal with its cook-out theme! :)

Writing talk behind the cut )
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I woke up this morning with a lot of creative energy, so I got down to work right away after my walk to take advantage of it before it disappeared! :)

I FINALLY broke the logjam in my profic, which has been sitting around for a couple of months. I couldn't even force myself to write a sentence a day on it because I was completely stymied on the direction I wanted it to go. Now I've been busy writing all morning, yay, me! :)

I also got going again on my [ profile] marvel_bang story and am making good progress with that, as well as a Han/Luke story that was stalled forever. I also have a short Han/Luke idea that I might write soon which has been in the back of my mind for awhile.

A new Clark/Bruce idea paired with Steve/Diana could be written up soon, or at least sometime this summer. My priorities this summer have to be the profic and the [ profile] marvel_bang, but I like dashing off short pieces to keep things fresh.

The Raven And The Nightingale might end up shelved for the summer, but there's always research to do for that one that will be ready when I go back to writing it.

Who wants to see another seaside story this summer? :)

Enjoy your day, luvs! Sit on your deck or patio, listen to the birds sing, and connect with Nature. Your Muses will come back if they've stalled! :)
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Hi, luvs!

It's a wonderfully sunny day, which is appropriate as it's the Summer Solstice! Whoo hoo! :)

Funny how it's now entering the darker half of the year when it's summertime, but the days will start to shrink after today. Every day is a gift, right?

For all you Clex fans out there, the [ profile] clexmas Spring Fling! Reverse Bang has closed art submissions, but now it's time for the writers, vidders and music mixers to get busy! The Bang is open to all versions of the Clex, not just Smallville, so if you've got ideas from comics, cartoons, or movies, you can use those, too!

Congrats to Cleveland sports fans for a 52-year championship drought in ANY sport ending last night as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the National Basketball Association's Championship Series. It's a sweet feeling, isn't it? :)

Just got back from the eye doctor with a clean bill of health. Always a little nervous, y'know, because...eyes! So I am very relieved. Wearing dark glasses while my eyes are dilated. :)
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After a few days of very hot weather, thunderstorms cleared things out Wednesday night and it's back to fall weather here. It's so cool on my balcony early in the day that even when it's hot out front, I have to wear long pants and a sweatshirt when I sit outside! :)

School started this week. I'm very glad I went to school when it started the day after Labor Day. Maybe it's good to go for a short week and get the next Monday off, but I think it's a better mindset for kids to have the entire summer off before starting the school grind again. Freedom is fleeting. Soon enough they'll be stuck in the rat race of adulthood. It's nice to have free summers while you can get 'em.

My sister told me to keep September 27th (a Saturday) open on my social calendar. Yay! Looks like I'm going to get a nice birthday surprise when the time comes. :)

I changed the layouts of my journal and comms, which is always a fun little task.

I heard that Hollywood's summer season is down 25% from last year. Can't say I'm surprised. My Movie Night buddies and I have skipped several times in the past six months because there just hasn't been anything even remotely interesting. I've talked to other people and they've cut way back on going to the movies, too. There's just very few 'must-see-right-away' movies for them. They just wait to see them on Netflix on FX or whatever.

It used to be that Hollywood would save their big guns for the actual summer, then they began moving back to June, May, and finally, now it's April. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier would have been the blockbuster released in July or August. Besides, just about every movie on the cineplex schedule is a sequel or remake. Very few original films. And most of those are low-quality, because Hollywood keeps going to well 'til they drain it dry.

Writing is kind of like a rollercoaster lately. It was going well for awhile and then nothing the last few nights. The only time I have to write is at night and I've been exhausted with absolutely no energy. :(

I'm hopeful that autumn will get my blood going! After all, autumn means the changing of the leaves, pumpkins and apples and Halloween and, oh, yeah, my birthday! ;)
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Good afternoon, luvs!

Very bizzy doing some editing. Love to write, hate to edit! ;) The weather is warm but there is a breeze that is pleasant.

I have been checking out my Halloween Challenge. I'm not sure if there's any more prompts I can add, so may go with it as is. I'll be posting it in August so keep an eye on this journal. ;) Halloween, she says? It's the middle of summer! But when you run things like a challenge, you have to plan early. My own Halloween story has stalled but I'll get back to it. Not satisfied with it (familiar refrain there?) but I may change a few things.

Fanfic you may see from me in the near future:

A Steve/Diana story that is a little different than the usual romance.

An Arrow ficlet that just popped into my head.

A Natasha/Pepper fluff-fest.

A Steve story inspired by a prompt at [ profile] avengerkink.

Possibly Steve/Bucky fluff! :)

I hope you are all well, and start poking around for your cauldrons just so that they'll be handy when it's time to start cooking up those Halloween fanworks! ;)
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Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! :)

Keeping an eye on Hurricane Arthur here. Boston moved the Fourth show on the Esplanade to tonight instead of tomorrow, though the fireworks might not be lit tonight. Wind + rain + fireworks not a great combo!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and has a great time! :)
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Happy Canada Day to all of our friends to the North! :)

Yes, I know, I'm early, but I've got a bizzy day tomorrow so wanted to make sure to get my greetings in. :)

I've been thinking about communications. Yes, Uhura. :) The poll below reflects that and I find that each form has its advantages. Out of the tree, e-mail is my favorite as it gives me time to reflect and compose a message I feel comfortable with, while sometimes I can trip over my tongue on the phone, LOL!

As for texting, while I lament the truncation of the beautiful English language out of technical necessity, I find it handy in certain situations. For instance, my sister went to New York last Friday on the train and instead of eating up the minutes on our cell phones, we texted and had a lot of fun. I don't know how people can text and drive because texting demands total concentration! *shakes head*

I do miss writing letters. If you were around before the Internet, did you write letters or prefer telephoning? I liked letters for the same reasons I like e-mail and it was cheaper to buy a stamp than pay long-distance. :) I don't know how historians will function in the future because our communications are all electronic now and programs change and disappear, along with old e-mails. There's something lovely about a handwritten letter carefully crafted. Guess I'm just old-fashioned! :)

I put 'letter' as one of the choices for sentiment's sake, ha! I know that no one writes real letters anymore. :)

[Poll #1973757]
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A Happy Summer Solstice to you all! :)

Funny how with the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, we're really entering the dark half of the year. But such is Nature!

Finished my weekly cleaning. Everything's sparkling! :)

I now have 41,000+ words written so far for my [ profile] dcu_bang. *dances*

I hope to get back to my Avengers story and I came up with possible Steve/Bucky idea last night. I'm still holding out hope that I'll get some inspiration to write Steve/Thor and Steve/Sam, but right now Steve/Bucky is the hot pairing for my Muses.

That Steve/Diana story that's been sitting around may be posted soon.

What's up with LJ? Actually listening to feedback? Or is this just the ol' shell game? A pity that they started responding after everyone left. Ah, well, at least it'll benefit those of us die-hards who stuck around. I like the option of keeping my old Friends page and the subject lines back again. Maybe these new owners get it. Anyway, check out [ profile] lj_feedback if you're curious.

I don't think LJ will become the fannish go-to platform again, but who knows? If people get tired of the shiny new baubles like Tumblr, maybe they'll return. I follow a few blogs over there and it's frustrating to just see people hitting the 'Like' button and reblogging and very little commentary. How do you get a sense of someone by just that? I guess social media likes it that way these days. I'll stick with LJ and DW for my little niche of fandom, thanks.
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Hi, luvs!

Since it's getting closer to summer, I thought I'd post this link to the Boothbay Lobster Wharf. Whenever we were in Boothbay on vacation, my family would always visit this place. It was known as The Lobstermen's Co-Op back then, and they've made a lot of changes since our last visit 13 years ago, but the basics are the same: fresh seafood right off the boat in a harbor setting. :) And if you get a craving for lobster, they ship anywhere! :)
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Hi, luvs! Time to update 2014's BradyGirl_12 Challenges! :)

You may have noticed that I didn't host a Winter Holidays Challenge last December or unveil a Valentine's Day Challenge yet. That was due to a bunch of factors: LJ being abandoned by fandom, people leaving DC Comics fandom because of the Reboot, and so on. While my Challenges were always successful in the past, I noticed a downward trend the last few years that helped my decision to cut back on hosting Challenges. I will host a Halloween Challenge later this year, but I really don't know if I will be hosting any others. I'm a little sad about that, because I've been doing this since 2007 and having a lot of fun, but I'm afraid my little Challenges aren't inspiring people quite as much anymore. Like I said, it's due to many factors. I guess Big Bangs are more in fashion! :)

Anyway, we'll see what spring brings (Robins! ;)) and in August, it'll be time to unveil the Halloween Challenge. Beyond that, I really don't know. Like my fanfic writing, I'm bobbin' on the waves here!

If you'd like to enjoy past stories and art, please go to the Fic/Art Challenges Page for links to all of my past Challenges. And you can go to my Profile Page to view all the fabulous banners that [ profile] ctbn60 has made for me. There are current banners and links to older banner archives there.

So, I hope to host more in the future (and with [ profile] ctbn60's wonderful banners!) but for now, looks like we'll have to eat our Valentine chocolate in private! ;)

It's -6 below zero here (am I living at the North Pole?) so everyone who's in the deep freeze, stay warm 'n' cozy! :)
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Hi, luvs! Did you have a good Canada Day and Fourth of July last week? :)

Bizzy at work today but with enough time to sneak in this entry. How do you like my newest icon? It was created by the talented [ profile] ctbn60. You should totally go over to her journal and check out how many wonderful banners, icons, story covers, etc., that she has for display. The Man Of Steel icons are here and are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Is anyone else a Faora/Nathan fan? ;)

So, darlings, it's HOT as you-know-what here. Terrible weather. I can't get people who say they love hot, humid weather. People LIKE standing or sitting still and sweating? *shakes head*

Writing goes well. I finally might be able to post a few things later this week. If not, probably next week.
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Hi, luvs! Rainbow's Freedom (Project K Arc) is now uploaded at A03. Two more arcs to go! :)

Quick reminder as May gets closer: the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Dick Grayson Challenge runs until May 31st, and the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Angels Challenge is a year-long Challenge, ending on December 31st. Both Challenges have already received some great entries, and cross-Challenging is welcome! :)

Dick Grayson Challenge Master List

Angels Challenge Master List

Not sure if I'll be doing a Challenge during the summer months this year, but you KNOW that I'll be hosting Halloween Challenges for DC and PE fandoms in the fall! ;)
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I was updating some of my lists and noticed that I never posted a Master List for my 2011 Summer-By-The-Sea Fic Prompt Request. Well, if you're in the mood for beachy goodness, here you go! ;)

Master List )
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Summer may be waning, but there's still plenty left! What's your delights about summer? Add anything not on the poll! :)

[Poll #1770684]
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[Poll #1764009]
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I had hit a terrible snag in the final arc of Rainbow's Freedom, trying to figure out how the heck I was going to be able to get Clark to announce himself as Superman, considering the Hunt Decree and little details like that, ahem, but I think I've got the solution! *whew*

Oh, man, the [ profile] helpthesouth fic is flowing like water over rocks! Once the logjam was loosened, it was all easy! Much angst and love and hurt/comfort in this one, folks!

Is everyone enjoying their summer so far? It was dreadfully hot here today and yesterday but I drank lots of water so I stayed hydrated.

Oh, I saw Cars 2 this week! Omigoddess! It is the CUTEST movie EVAH!!! It was cute and funny and a joy to watch, and there was a Toy Story 'toon short before the main feature. Aww, I love how the toys really care about each other! :)



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