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Hi, luvs!

Just a reminder that my 2016 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge is up and running. Get in while you can because I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last Halloween Challenge I host for the foreseeable future. I might do something next year to celebrate Wonder Woman's first live-action movie EVAH, but after that, I'll be retiring my Mod Tiara. It seems as if people on LJ are more interested in Kinkmemes and Big Bangs, and I'm not interested in hosting those.

I had a good run. Check out the Fic/Art Challenges page and you'll see a blueprint of LJ's 'hotness' and how it cooled in the past decade. You might want to get into the holiday spirit (ahem) and check out the fanworks from previous Halloweens. Maybe you'll get inspired for this bat swan song! ;)

A quickie reminder that if you can't submit an entry by Halloween, you're still eligible for 'goodies' due to my
Late Entries Policy.

I've had a great time hosting these Challenges and a big THANK YOU to all who participated over the years, contributing fanworks, congratulation banners, encouragement, etc.

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Hi, luvs! Time to update 2014's BradyGirl_12 Challenges! :)

You may have noticed that I didn't host a Winter Holidays Challenge last December or unveil a Valentine's Day Challenge yet. That was due to a bunch of factors: LJ being abandoned by fandom, people leaving DC Comics fandom because of the Reboot, and so on. While my Challenges were always successful in the past, I noticed a downward trend the last few years that helped my decision to cut back on hosting Challenges. I will host a Halloween Challenge later this year, but I really don't know if I will be hosting any others. I'm a little sad about that, because I've been doing this since 2007 and having a lot of fun, but I'm afraid my little Challenges aren't inspiring people quite as much anymore. Like I said, it's due to many factors. I guess Big Bangs are more in fashion! :)

Anyway, we'll see what spring brings (Robins! ;)) and in August, it'll be time to unveil the Halloween Challenge. Beyond that, I really don't know. Like my fanfic writing, I'm bobbin' on the waves here!

If you'd like to enjoy past stories and art, please go to the Fic/Art Challenges Page for links to all of my past Challenges. And you can go to my Profile Page to view all the fabulous banners that [ profile] ctbn60 has made for me. There are current banners and links to older banner archives there.

So, I hope to host more in the future (and with [ profile] ctbn60's wonderful banners!) but for now, looks like we'll have to eat our Valentine chocolate in private! ;)

It's -6 below zero here (am I living at the North Pole?) so everyone who's in the deep freeze, stay warm 'n' cozy! :)


Oct. 10th, 2013 06:09 pm
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The pix fit into my [ profile] dcu_bang entries! And the cover doesn't look all squished. :) Yay! :)

Wow, I feel at loose ends! I've been working on this project for so long it's weird to have nothing to do now until the unveiling, which will be in a few weeks. I hope you'll enjoy it and marvel at [ profile] ctbn60's artwork. :)

Okay, a gentle reminder that the 2013 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge could use contributions! We have two so far but I'd love to see more. :)

Pressed for time? Not sure if you can finish by Halloween? Check out the Late Entries Policy so you can still be 'official'.

Need inspiration? Check out the Fic/Art Challenges page and you'll find links to past Halloween Challenges collected there.

Remember, any length of story accepted! Art does not have to be as elaborate as the Sistine Chapel! ;) Crossovers welcome with any of your 'hot' fandoms you think fits with DC Comics and Halloween.

I know that LJ is less-populated now (though I did hear that some fans are cautiously returning) but there's still a lot of us here. How can you let Halloween go by without some tasty Witches' Brew? ;)

Thanks for all your previous support. :)
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Hi, luvs! [ profile] teridop has drawn an incredibly beautiful illustration in honor of my slavefic, Rainbow's Freedom. Please check it out! Note: NSFW as it contains nudity.

She also has more illustrations honoring fanfics. She just joined LJ and S/B fandom, so let's give her a warm welcome! :)
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I had a great birthday! Quiet but a perfect fall day. My sister gave me all kinds of goodies: gift cards for Subway and the movies, a magazine with lots of great pix of my man Christian, and chocolate! What’s not to love about that combo? ;)

She also gave me a funny Star Trek card. I laugh every time I open it! :)

Pizza was the order of the day: chicken, bacon, and ranch sauce. Heaven! ;)

And my fannish friends? Well, one of the best things about the day was all the fantastic, thoughtful gifts I received! THANK YOU all! It’s wonderful to know people are thinking of you on your special day. :)

I received:

Cheerful Greetings from:

[ profile] lilacs_roses, [ profile] nrrrdy_grrrl, [ profile] eternal_moonie, [ profile] realpestilence, [ profile] ctbn60, [ profile] phoenixnz (Yummy Birthday Cake!), [ profile] romennim, [ profile] elenarain (Sweet Clark!), [ profile] ilovetobefree (Sparkly Hearts ‘N’ Roses!), [ profile] khylara, [ profile] paxwolf, [ profile] rileyc (The World’s Finest, including Robin! and Steve/Diana! Woot!), [ profile] svgurl (Sexy Tom Brady!), [ profile] me_ya_ri, [ profile] saavikam77, [ profile] jen_rock and [ profile] lauramcewan

Lovely Virtual Gifts from:

[ profile] ctbn60 (Box of Candy), [ profile] northernwalker (Orchid & Chocolate Torte), [ profile] kittymayhem (Box of Candy) and [ profile] northern_star (Cupcake)

Fantastic Wallpaper from:

[ profile] delorita (Christian as Bruce from The Dark Knight Rises!)

Fabulous Fic from:

Pizza, a wonderful Steve/Diana drabble by [ profile] starsandsea

Ambrosia At the Cheesecake Factory, a marvelously charming Steve/Diana ficlet by [ profile] mithen
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Hi, luvs! Check out the fabulous [ profile] hitokaji's wonderful drawing of Steve, Thor, and Loki here! She just keeps getting better and better. I love her style! The illo is my wallpaper right now here at home. :)
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Hey, flist! I know most of you are DC fen but I have to ask: are you planning on writing or drawing or iconizing or manipping (etc.) anything to do with The Avengers movie? I know some of you have *waves* but what are some of your projects that you plan to do? Fabulous fic or dazzling drawings? Long series or quick one-shots? Steve/Tony sizzle or Natasha/Pepper fire? ;) Planning on signing up for the [ profile] marvel_bang or any other Marvelous Big Bang or Challenge?

Speaking of Big Bangs, have you signed up for any recently, Marvel or otherwise? :)
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[ profile] marvel_bang

Author Sign-Ups Close June 15th

Artist Sign-Ups Close September 14th

Wow, thank The Avengers for the explosion of sign-ups over there! :)
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Looks like this year I'll be cheerleading instead of writing Big Bangs but I get to read all the goodies! ;) The [ profile] smallvillebbang is taking sign-ups for authors so go check it out!

[ profile] smallvillebbang - 2012 Information
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Now for our sister community, Marvel Comics:

[ profile] marvel_bang

Sign-ups for authors begin on May 30th. Here is the Prompting Post.

Did I tell you guys I got to see The Avengers movie again a few nights ago? I sure needed that after last week! Even if you're a DC girl or guy through-and-through and know nothing about the Marvel characters, see this movie! As a superhero fan you will enjoy it. :) And if you're all fired up about writing Marvel after seeing the movie, this is a good place to do it! :)

Also, imagine my delight when I posted The Soldier And The Scientist I: Man Out Of Time to A03 and in less than two hours received almost 200 hits and six kudos and a comment, up to eight kudos this morning and 278 hits. Wow, after getting only a handful of comments on DC work lately, this is heady stuff! :)
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[ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang

The author sign-ups start May 30th. There's a Prompting Post where you can pick up or leave prompts.

I highly recommend trying this if you have never done a Big Bang before. You may tear your hair out, heh heh, but you'll enjoy a tremendous sense of satisfaction when it's done. And the minimum word count is 10,000. Not bad! :)
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Hi, luvs! Get ready next week for a BUNCH of Fest and Big Bang posts from me. I know, I said this already but I'm getting things squared away for the special posts. My [ profile] history_bigbang story has some FANTASTIC artwork by [ profile] mella68, so I hope you'll take a look! :)

I'm excited that [ profile] dark_fest posting begins next week! Not only will I be posting my two masterpieces (ha, ha!) but I'm eager to see how many of my prompts that were claimed get filled. I was really inspired! ;)

Quickie note: [ profile] queer_fest is open for claiming so get on over there and take a look! I finally claimed one and it's already started in my notebook. I still have time before April 2nd to claim another if I decide to go ahead.
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[ profile] dark_fest has a new wrinkle:

Due to popular demand, the community is now open for people who want to produce fanart or other fanworks (vids etc) to any of the prompts posted here. This is not part of the official challenge, so there's no need to claim a prompt - you can just pick whatever you like the look of, get creative, and then post the results when you're ready. This is open to anyone whether you've already signed up to write fic or not.

Further details here.

Who doesn’t love chibis? You can find an absolutely adorable Steve/Diana chibi here. :)

The [ profile] clexmas True Love Drabble Fest is now completed and unscreened. Enjoy the Clex! :)


Nov. 19th, 2011 03:09 pm
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Hi, luvs! Well, by now you know that I posted Waves Upon The Shore, my [ profile] superbat_bb entry. I've very excited!

I wanted to showcase my artist, [ profile] min_taiwan. Her work is incredible! Click on each pic to enlarge and see the wonderful details, and there's her own entry here. I was blown away with the illustrations when she sent them to me. Make sure to let her know if you agree! :)
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I think I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit! :) I'm looking over my decorations and will probably wrap presents this weekend. The only bummer is that all my spare cash went to storm clean-up so I can't send cards this year. It's the first time I'll have to bow out and it upsets me a little. :(

*sighs* Well, I can concentrate on writing holiday fic. I started my story for the WFGE today so hopefully I won't have to rush to finish it in time for Christmas. I should get my assignment for the Clexmas Winter Holidays Gift Exchange this weekend.

I'm excited about posting my [ profile] superbat_bb story very soon! [ profile] min_taiwan's art is incredible. Since LJ Scrapbook only allows a medium size to show in the entries, make sure to click on the pix so that you can see the incredible details!

One other thing: the story may appear to be a deathfic but it isn't. If it was I would have put that in the warning line. It's a serious, dramatic story with plenty of hurt/comfort and angst, but unless I write pure darkfic, I always like to mix in lighter moments and true joy. Life is rarely all of either happiness or sadness, after all. :)

I appreciate all the comments so far on my [ profile] smallvillebbang story, Bleeding Kansas. When you work that hard and long on a story with a big word count, you really appreciate people letting you know if they liked the story. :)
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Hi, sweethearts! Check out the mouth-watering recipes for Autumn/Halloween food and drink we've got so far here. Feel free to add your own! :)

And if you want to get into a spooky Halloween mood, check out [ profile] min_taiwan's Halloween Dream, starring Clark/Bruce. :)

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? *bounces*

I've got so many writing ideas bouncing around! I gotta make some of those recipes, too. ;)

Oh, and take a look at the Comment Meme over on [ profile] batcat_fic. One of my prompts already got filled! ;)

Moody Blues

Oct. 6th, 2011 10:55 pm
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I'm in a Bruce/Dick mood! *pouts* Somebody write or draw this pairing! *nods firmly* ;)

Thank You!

Dec. 20th, 2010 02:52 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] ctbn60 for the beautiful v-gift of candles! I love them! :)

Also thanks to [ profile] hitokaji for the beautiful illustration she created for my Clark/Bruce story, Starlight 'N' Roses. It was one of my wish_list requests. *sighs happily* :)


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